Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag faced fierce resistance from fans.

They are in a head-on collision over the future of Burnley’s ‘loaner’ Boot Verhost (30, Manchester United), who is also from the Netherlands. England’s ‘The Times’ reported on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Ver Host is in positive talks with Man United and is hopeful of extending his loan period’.

After this news, fans are collectively protesting. Verhost nested in Manchester United on a six-month lease through the winter transfer market. However, in the eyes of Manchester United fans, it is a ‘failure point’.

Verhost, a 1m97 tall striker, has played 14 matches in the EPL but failed to score a single goal. He only scored 2 goals in total, 1 goal each in the Europa League and League Cup 토토사이트.

He has no outstanding performance apart from the goal. In the game against West Ham on the 8th, he became a shadow striker and played the role of number 10 instead of number 9, causing controversy. The only person who recognizes Verhost is director Ten Haag.

Coach Ten Hagh said, “Berhost’s height, heading power, and active power show a good look in the long ball and second ball.” However, he is pushed back by the opponent even in an aerial battle.

The fans are just mad. In response to the move to extend the loan contract, fans posted on social media, ‘If this happens, Ten Hag must leave Manchester United’ and ‘He has no future at Manchester United anymore after this season. I don’t need Verhost for the next season,’ he says, vomiting out his voice.

But Verhost is relaxed. He said after the match against West Ham: “In the conversation, the club said they were very happy with me. It never communicated to me that United did not want to continue with me. believe,” he said.

He added: “Of course I’ve heard a lot of stories. Let’s see what happens. For now, we have to focus on our goals in the league and the FA Cup.”

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