Tottenham Hotspur’s Brian Hill (21) returns to his former team, Sevilla, to hone his skills.

Sevilla announced the signing of Hill on loan through the official website on the 31st (Korean time). The rental period is until the end of this season. 먹튀검증

Hill, who grew up in Seville’s youth team, challenged the English stage in 2021. He changed his uniform with Eric Lamela (30, Sevilla), who played for Tottenham for a long time.

However, it was not easy to be competitive in the Premier League, where physical conditions are emphasized. He only played 9 league games in the first half. He played a total of 86 minutes, less than 10 minutes per game.

In the end, Hill, who felt the limit, chose to rent Valencia during the season. Returning to a familiar stage, Hill proved why he is expected to, as he went straight to 13 games.

At the time, Hill recalled, “Premier League training was very physical and difficult,” and “I changed my eating habits. I hired a separate chef and gained 2 kg in weight. Even so, I was lacking in the Premier League.”

After returning from his loan spell, Hill prepared to compete again at Tottenham. However, the walls of Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski were high. Richarlison joined here, and Arnaud Danjuma was also recruited through the winter transfer market.

Hill played only 148 minutes in 4 league matches while turning the halfway point. He was once again the reason he took up his loan.

Sevilla have high hopes for Hill. Sevilla, who finished 4th in the league last season, are currently in 13th place. They are only two points behind the relegation zone.

Sevilla said, “Hill has returned home until the end of this season.

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