Gimpo FC, which is in its second year of existence, is creating a sensation by continuing an undefeated streak (6 wins, 4 draws) in the first 10 games of the K-League 2. The rise of Gimpo, which no one expected ahead of this season, is the result of coach Go Jeong-woon’s rigorous guidance.

Gimpo drew 0-0 in the 11th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 against Seongnam FC held at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field on the 3rd.

Gimpo, who led the match for 90 minutes on this day, ran at the top of the league by continuing an undefeated streak of 10 league games since the opening of this season, although they failed to secure a victory. Including the FA Cup, they are undefeated in 12 consecutive games (8 wins, 4 draws). Among them, the penalty shootout victory against FC Seoul in K League 1 is included.

No one paid attention to Gimpo until the start of this season. At the media day event held ahead of the opening, no one mentioned Gimpo as a candidate for the championship or even among the top 5 candidates who could advance to the playoffs.

However, after the season started, Gimpo is on a winning streak. It has become a team that everyone is wary of, to the extent that it manages a defensive game against Gimpo, Seongnam Province, which was relegated from K League 1 last season.

What is the driving force behind Gimpo’s change in just one year, after winning just 10 out of 40 games last season and finishing in 8th place out of 11 teams? Go Jeong-woon, who has been in charge of the team since last season, has a great presence.

Gimpo does not have much operating expenses compared to corporate clubs such as Busan I-Park, Jeonnam Dragons, and Seoul E-Land FC in the K League 2, as well as teams operated by local governments such as FC Anyang, Gyeongnam FC, and Seongnam FC. It is not easy to bring in good players.

Before this season, most agents would not send videos of foreign players to Gimpo. At the request of director Go Jeong-woon, some agents had difficulty sharing the video.

Coach Go Jeong-woon is overcoming the difficult situation with internal competition. Kim Min-ho, who moved to Gimpo this year, said, “The coach guides the players strictly in the training ground and stadium to induce competition. Foreign players are no exception. The coach pursues perfection, so if you fall short even a little, everyone will be scolded.” He conveyed the atmosphere within the team. 스포츠토토

It raised organizational power while creating a fierce competition system. Kim I-seok, Choi Jae-hoon, and Kim Tae-han, who have been active since last season, take center stage, and newcomers Kim Min-ho, Seo Jae-min, Cho Seong-kwon, and foreign players Luis, Juninyo, and Pablo are adding strength.

In addition, head coach Go Jeong-woon is raising team morale by continuously instilling confidence in the players, saying that Gimpo’s soccer is sufficiently threatening. Even after the match against Seongnam, head coach Go Jeong-woon encouraged the players, saying, “It feels good when the opponent steps back.

Of course, Gimpo has a long way to go. With 26 games left, we don’t know what will happen. Coach Go Jeong-woon also emphasized the tension to the players, saying, “There are still many games left. Gimpo is like a sandcastle, so it can collapse easily.”

However, a soccer official who visited Seongnam said, “Coach Jeong-woon Koh pursues perfection. Thanks to Koh’s personality, Gimpo’s blast will not go away easily.” As shown, Gimpo will also create a sensation in the K-League 2.”

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