Popular BJ Yusona joins Guangdong Freaks as official BJ.

Africa TV announced on Friday (April 4) that its professional gaming team, Guangdong Freaks, has hired BJ Yusona as the official BJ of the team.

BJ Yusona has been active on Africa TV since 2015 and has been presenting various contents across genres from comprehensive games to communication broadcasts. In particular, he is loved by many users through his game broadcasts with his charming voice and unique words.

With this appointment, Guangdong Freaks will showcase a variety of gaming and esports content utilizing BJ Yusona and the Africa TV platform, further expanding opportunities for Guangdong Freaks fans and users to support and interact with the players 토토사이트.

“I have been broadcasting on Africa TV for 10 years, so I feel like the Guangdong Freaks team is my family,” said BJ Yusona. “As the official BJ of the Guangdong Freaks, I will strive to penetrate the hearts of the team, players and fans.”

Guangdong Freaks will continue to provide content for Guangdong Freaks fans and users, including expanding collaborations with various BJs.

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