Women’s Professional Basketball League (WKBL) returns to play, leaving the joy of the All-Star Festival behind.

The ‘2022-2023 Shinhan Bank SOL Women’s Professional Basketball’ regular league resumes the season starting with a match between Woori Bank and BNK on the 14th. It is a big match that can predict the second half of the match with the current 1st and 3rd place teams facing each other.

◆ Breathing with the fans was good
WKBL had an All-Star break, and the 20 players selected for the All-Star game met their fans for the first time in three years at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 8th and enjoyed a ‘festival’. There are clear winners and losers, but rather than a world of fierce competition, it was decorated as a place to breathe with the fans who visited the scene. They were divided into two teams, Blue Star and Pink Star, not belonging to the six clubs, and sweated together. In the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), he breathed in with fans with a strong personality, as if to shake off the regret of not being able to show a unique appearance outside the court.

He also contributed greatly to the success of the league. According to WKBL, this All-Star game sold out. All 1622 seats sold were sold, excluding seats with obstructed vision. It was sold out in about six years after 2,700 seats were sold out at the Dangjin Indoor Gymnasium in the 2015-2016 season.

◆Now there is no more fun and harmony as competitors . We have to open up a sparkling competition as a competitor again. There are two keywords. This is Woori Bank’s run and the direction of spring basketball (playoffs). First of all, Woori Bank is leading alone this season without a team to match. Kookmin Bank, which caught Woori Bank last season, fell sharply after Park Ji-soo, a ‘national treasure center’, left. Park Ji-soo is back and regaining the flow, but the gap is too great. In fact, this season is a solid atmosphere with Woori Bank winning the regular league. 카지노

It is not that there is no team to oppose. Samsung Life Insurance is chasing after by 5 games. It’s not easy if you consider the remaining schedule, but it’s arithmetically reversible. However, Samsung Life Insurance is also suffering from an injury ward. Key resources Kiana Smith and Lee Ju-yeon were both out of season, and another key player, Yoon Ye-bin, also has an injury issue. A lot of attention is focused on whether Woori Bank will go solo to the end or whether the game will be shaken by another variable.

◆ Will there be any surprises in
spring basketball? The race for 4th place, which is the last line in spring basketball, has in fact hardened. Excluding BNK and Hana 1 Q, all teams have only 13 regular league games left. Following Woori Bank and Samsung Life Insurance, BNK and Shinhan Bank are located side by side. There is a possibility of change within the upper ranks in that the ride between the 2nd to 4th teams such as Samsung Life Insurance (11 wins), BNK (10 wins), and Shinhan Bank (8 wins) is not large. However, considering that there is a difference of 4 games between Shinhan Bank in 4th place and Kookmin Bank in 5th place, there may not be a big change.

However, the four-legged system has not completely solidified. Enough miracles or abnormalities may occur. The fact that Park Ji-soo has returned to Kookmin Bank is a great good news. In fact, Kookmin Bank regained its performance after Park Ji-soo returned. If Park Ji-soo’s condition and sense of the game become more complete, Kookmin Bank is a team that can rise to 4th place.

Kang I-seul, who recovered his shooting sense through the All-Star game, is also worth looking forward to. Although it was a friendly game, Iseul Kang broke records such as scoring awards, the most points scored in an all-star game (42 points), and the most 3-pointers in a game (12 successful). Another new history was written by winning three consecutive 3-point shooting contests. Iseul Kang also promised, “I will continue to restore my senses through the All-Star Game to the league.” Park Ji-soo, who fiercely guards the bottom of the goal, and Kang I-seul, who has regained zero points, are enough elements to add fun to the second half of the season.

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