Choi Ji-Man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates) is on a roll with the Tampa Bay Rays, where he was a member until last season. They have the most wins and the best winning percentage in the majors this season 메이저사이트.

Through two days of play, Tampa Bay is 40-18 for a .690 winning percentage. They are the only team in the majors to reach the 40-win plateau, with the best winning percentage of all 30 clubs. They’re within striking distance of the dream 7 per cent winning percentage.

They’ve cooled off a bit in their last 10 games, going 6-4, but they’re still in first place in the American League East. They trail the second-place Baltimore Orioles (36-21) by 3.5 games. In the majors as a whole, they have a three-game lead over the second-place Texas Rangers (36-20).

The key to the Rays’ success has been their home strength. Tampa Bay is 26-6 at home this season. They’ve been so strong at home that it’s hard to compare them to second-place Texas (17-8). On the road, they’re 14-12. As a ‘home bully’, they took care of business in their own backyard. With 340 runs scored and 221 runs allowed, they boasted a solid defence and were also strong against the big boys, going 22-14 against teams with a winning percentage of 5% or better.

Tampa Bay’s high-flying season doesn’t bode well for Ryu Hyun-jin (36-Toronto Blue Jays), who is on the verge of a comeback. The Toronto Blue Jays, who are in the American League East with Tampa Bay, are currently 31-27 with a .534 winning percentage. They’re a whopping nine games behind Tampa Bay. They are in fourth place in the dreaded AL East. The last-place Boston Red Sox are also in trouble, with a winning percentage of over five per cent at 29-27 (.518).

Ryu is targeting a mid-July return after the All-Star break. For Toronto, they’ll need to make the most of their time in the dreaded Aldon until he returns. Of course, the outcome of the series against Tampa Bay, which has a nearly 7 per cent chance of winning, is also very important.

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