David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Kaka, etc. made the best 11?

On the 11th, ‘Transfer Market’, a soccer statistics site, made the best 11 of superstars who have experienced American Major League Soccer (MLS).

The squad is gorgeous because many players often end their careers in MLS with infrastructure and finances on their back.

Son Heung-min’s team included Robbie Keane, who went through Tottenham Hotspur and has a history with the Irish national team.

Manchester United legend Beckham and Arsenal legend Henry, who swept the English Premier League (EPL), were also named in the Best 11.

The midfield is also gorgeous. Kaka, Andrea Pirlo, and Steven Gerrard built the strongest waist. 메이저사이트

Also on the roster were Ashley Cole, Giorgio Chiellini, Alessandro Nesta and Tim Howard.

There were also names that stood out. This is Pierre Emeric Aubameyang. I moved to Chelsea ahead of this season, but things are not good.

After Thomas Tuchel, who called himself, left the team, his position became unstable. Performance did not come out as expected and was recently excluded from the Champions League entry.

As for Aubameyang, it is known that he is sending a love call from the US stage along with Spain and Italy.

LAFC set up a negotiation table with Chelsea for the signing of Aubameyang, but it is said that it is not speeding up.

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