‘Cambodia Express’ Throng Piabi (33, Blue One Resort) won the championship in 7 months and rose to the top of the LPBA for the fourth time.

Piabi defeated Kim Bo-mi (25, NH Nonghyup Card) with a set score of 4-3 (4-11, 11-7, 11- 10, 11-0, 2-11, 4-11, 9-3) and won the championship. Piabi received 20 million won in prize money and rose to the top of the season prize money rankings (49.4 million won). 먹튀검증

Piabi won the LPBA championship trophy for the first time in 225 days (7 months and 10 days) since the final of the Blue One Resort Championship in the first individual tour of this season held in June of last year. If you add one win in the future, it will be tied with the most wins (5 wins) of LPBA held by Kim Ga-young (40, Hana Card) and Lim Jeong-suk (37, Crown Haetae). Piabi, who had faltered in six competitions after winning her first championship this season, said, “I heard advice from many people at the start of the season, but there were times when it was poisonous because it was not organized.”

Piabi defeated Kim Bo-mi after a full set match on this day. Kim Bo-mi, who reached the semi-finals only 7 times in 4 years from the first year of LPBA (2019-2020 season), pressed Piabi from her first final to the end. Piabi led 3-1 until the 4th set, then lost the 5th and 6th sets in a row and allowed a 3-3 tie. Piabi, who recovered his concentration in the last 7 sets, steadily accumulated an average of 1 point per inning and won the championship.

Piabi said, “With this victory, everything that has been difficult so far has melted away like snow.” “Now, only the World Championship, which will be held in March, remains. I think there will be good results because I have shaken off the sluggishness of the past. During the World Championship, I will invite my husband and hold a ceremony to lift the championship trophy together.”

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