Kim “Canyon” Gunbu is an integral part of DePlus Kia’s strategy due to his unique breadth of champions. “I’m choosing by thinking about what position I can fit in,” he said.

The team won 2-0 against DRX in the second round of the 2023 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season at Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul on Sunday afternoon. With the win, the team improved to 6 wins (4 L, +5 goal differential) and closed in on third-place T1.

Speaking to ESPN after the game, Kim “Canyon” Gun-boo expressed his satisfaction with the performance, which was flawless in both banfic and in-game. “Going into the banfic and in-game, I thought, ‘If we play well, we can win. We’ll keep the momentum going until the next game 안전놀이터.”

As a key point in the match, Kim cited Sejuani, played by Lee “Juju” Joo-han. “When we analyzed DRX’s game, they tended to play well with Sejuani. We decided to counteract that,” he explains.

Kim is known in LOL esports as a jungler with a very wide range of champions. In recent years, he’s seen significant success with Nautilus and Nico. Kim’s champion adoption doesn’t just happen. They tend to change freely depending on the composition and opponent.

“I use Nautilus to balance out my team composition,” says Kim, “Nico is often used as a mid, but he has a lot of strengths in the jungle position. I look at the opponent’s banpick and think about whether he’s best suited for jungle or mid, and then I choose.”

With this victory, Kim Gun-boo again overtook Kim “Phase” Soo-hwan to become the sole POG leader. “It’s a reward for my teammates’ help,” Kim said, “not for the POG. My priority is to improve my performance,” he said, expressing his desire to focus on the team’s overall performance.

DePlus Kia will try to make it three in a row against Reveal Sandbox on the 12th. “It’s all about how well we prepare for the game. “In the second round, we want to take revenge against the team we lost to in the first round, and we will work to improve our overall operation and mid-to-late game stability,” he said.

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