“I am looking at the goal correction, winning”

On the 8th, the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ 1st round match between Guangdong and Liv Sanbak was held at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul.

On this day, Liv Sanbak defeated Guangdong and kept the top ranking. Liv Sanbak, who gave up the first set, embarrassed Guangdong with a harder operation in the second and third sets.

In an interview with Xports News after the game, Lee Joo-hyeon, the ‘Closer’, who took over the initiation as Azir, expressed his joy, saying, “I was a bit sullen after losing against Genji, but with the victory against Guangdong, I can fight again.” 온라인카지노

He cited concentration for his defeat against Gen.G. He said, “Lack of concentration led to defeat. It’s more regrettable that I lost because of concentration.”

Liv Sanbak, who is currently in a state of disarray. Lee Joo-hyun emphasized, “The original goal was the playoffs, but we have revised it. We are aiming to win.”

The following is the full text of the interview with ‘Closer’ Lee Joo-hyun.

First of all, it was a difficult opponent, but the match was decorated with victory. How do you feel about winning?

I was a bit sullen after losing the game against Genji. However, by winning the Guangdong Match, I was able to fight. It seems like a good win.

It was a pity that Gen.G hit me. What do you think was the losing factor?

At that time, I was so excited after winning the first set. As a result, losing concentration led to defeat. It’s more regrettable that I lost because of my concentration.

However, in the match against Guangdong, I got hit in the first set. How did the feedback go?

I had an early advantage in the first set, but I was disappointed with my concentration this time too. It is necessary not to be vigilant until the end. We’re good at getting excited in favorable situations, but I think it would be nice to reduce it a little bit.

It seems that Akali picks are not as active as they used to be, but

Akali is still good to use well, but it is difficult as a team. You have to look closely and pick. So I took it out in the first set, but I tried to take the initiative with easy and comfortable Azir rather than difficult combinations.

What are your personal thoughts about the recent sandstorm?

I thought it would cause a sandstorm from the beginning. I like it because it seems to have turned into reality, and I will work hard in the future.

Now I feel like I’ve taken off my rookie tee, and

I feel like I’ve become a middle-aged player too.

At this point, shouldn’t we change the spring goal we originally thought of?

aiming to win. It was originally a playoff, but it was modified. MSI is also interested. I want to go to a very high place.

Due to the patch, the ban pick has changed. What are the biggest changes?

It’s big that Heimerdinger didn’t like it. And in mid-air, Silas Thatcher picks Joey and Orianna are appearing. I think it will have a big impact on the bottom and mid.

The first round is already over. I still have the T1 match ahead, but

I’m so nervous because T1 is the last match. It would be great if we could win the last match. But Faker hyung is doing really well. I think it will be an interesting match.

The next match is against DRX. What is your resolution to meet DRX?

I will work hard as much as my former colleagues have, and this time I will definitely push it.

‘Rascal’ Kwang-hee Kim’s momentum is tough, but

Rascal is in good shape now. So, he seems to be more concerned with the top, and I think he should do a good job of covering things that focus on the top.

The last thing I want to say

is thank you for always cheering me on and I will do better to continue this momentum.

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