Heungkuk Life Insurance brought controversy on its own by intervening in the appointment of players and hardening the command tower. As even the newly appointed leader declines the position of supervisor, the situation is showing signs of prolonging the situation until the next command tower is appointed.

However, former general manager Kim Yeo-il, who is responsible for causing this situation, is still hiding in silence.

Former general manager Kim Yeo-il is a person who does not fall into the recent controversy at Heungkuk Life Insurance. At the time of the school violence controversy, Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young twin sisters were covered, as well as trying to force registration as players. When fans criticized her for truck protests, she withdrew it, but she continued to spread love until the end, such as searching for overseas transfers.

On the other hand, she was unkind to ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had no power reinforcement other than internal crackdowns ahead of the 2022-23 season. In the midst of this, Kim Yeon-kyung’s return to Korea was obviously good news for the club.

However, the negotiations that were going well came to a halt when general manager Lee Dong-guk left and former general manager Kim Yeo-il returned to the club. While making various absurd reasons, I waited for Kim Yeon-kyung to express her desire to join the team.

If it weren’t for the former general manager Kim Yeo-il, there would have been no media reports pointing out the reason for the slow negotiations with Kim Yeon-kyung. In the end, Heungkuk Life Insurance hurriedly concluded the negotiations only after one hit.

Former general manager Kim Yeo-il caused this incident by directing former coach Kwon Soon-chan to appoint players and change rotations. However, he did not fall out during the probationary process.

Shin Yong-jun, the new head of Heungkuk Life Insurance, met with reporters ahead of the GS Caltex game on the 5th and explained the situation. A meeting with a deep probationary character. However, he rather became a position that only raised controversy.

General manager Shin Yong-jun said, “There was a disagreement between former general manager Kim Yeo-il and coach Kwon Soon-chan on the rotation issue,” and said, “There was no involvement of players.”

The player intervention was immediately revealed as a lie by the mouth of the players. Also, despite the fact that the rotation also invaded the leader’s own domain, general manager Shin Yong-jun did not seem to be aware of the seriousness of the situation at all.

In the background of director Shin Yong-joon’s remarks, there is former director Kim Yeo-il.

Director Shin Yong-jun, who started to evolve in a situation where the situation was not accurately grasped. Former general manager Kim Yeo-il is said to have told him what to say to certain reporters, such as the rotation.

Director Shin Yong-joon took the lead, but in reality, it was nothing more than conveying the words of former director Kim Yeo-il.

In addition, former general manager Kim Yeo-il visited Samsan World Gymnasium despite his resignation. Director Kim Ki-joong, who was appointed as the successor command tower, was also with him. Looking at this alone, it is doubtful whether the club and general manager Kim Yeo-il are taking this situation seriously.

Former general manager Kim Yeo-il, who was not enough to have caused this situation, played a key role in making it even bigger. Only his players are getting tired of him thanks to his ferocious love of volleyball.


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