“What is archery?”

In 2012, as a third-grader in elementary school, Lim Tem-hyun (20-Korea Gymnastics) asked his school’s physical education teacher, “Why don’t you try archery?” “You shoot a bow,” the teacher explained in a low voice. Always interested in sports, Lim nodded and said, “Okay.” Eleven years later, he was hooked.

토토사이트 That was 11 years ago, and she’s now a “super rookie” in Korean women’s archery. In April, she took first place at the 2023 Recurve Women’s National Team Trials. In an event that’s more difficult than winning a gold medal at the Olympics, she earned a taegeuk mark for the best performance, beating out seniors such as 2021 Tokyo Olympics triple medalist An An (2nd – Gwangju Women’s University). The Korean Archery Association called the news of Im’s first-place finish at the national trials “a sign of a new star.

At her first international competition, the second World Cup in May (Shanghai, China), she won both the individual and team titles. The Archery Association of Korea called her a “new star” when announcing the news of her two victories in her international debut. Now that she’s a star, they’ve removed the “birth announcement” from the phrase a month ago. At the third World Cup in June (Medellín, Colombia), she won both the individual and team titles, making it two in a row. South Korea did not participate in the first edition of the World Cup in Antalya, Turkey.

“I was just an average athlete who never received any praise from my coaches until I was in middle school,” said Lim on Wednesday at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in Chungcheongbuk-do. In elementary school, she never won any prizes, even in city-level competitions, and in middle school, she was often the bridesmaid for other athletes at national competitions. For six years after she started archery, she never made it to the top of the national tournament, but she never let go of her bow. 안전놀이터추천

He then explained how he decided to put everything aside and focus on archery. “After graduating from elementary school, I left my hometown of Gangneung and enrolled in Bukwon Girls’ Middle School (now Bukwon Middle School) in Wonju, and it was hard to adjust to living away from my parents for the first time,” he said. “I was also not doing well in competitions. I felt like I could do better if I kept working harder, and I wanted to become a really good archer.”

From then on, he would shoot his bow at the training center late at night, even when the rest of the team was resting. In high school, she trained so hard that her coach told her to “take a break” before her first national team appearance. In 2020, when she was a sophomore in high school, she won the first round of the national selection tournament, beating out the seniors on the unemployed team, but didn’t make the final eight.

Last year, she finished fifth at the national selection tournament, earning her first Taeguk mark. However, she did not make it to the international stage. Recurve selects eight men’s and eight women’s national team members each year. The first through third place finishers go to the World Championships. Up to fourth place goes to the World Cup. The fifth through eighth place finishers compete at a lower level than the World Championships or World Cup, or become training partners for the first through fourth place finishers.

Lim reads a lot of psychology books. “In a recent book I read, I learned that ‘self-suggestion is important’ – if you keep failing at something, picture yourself succeeding at it,” he said. “When I’m preparing for an important competition, I often train myself with an image of myself shooting a 10, and I repeat the thought, ‘I’ll definitely shoot well,'” said Lim, who will compete at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany, next month. She will compete at the World Cup IV in Paris, France, in August and will go for gold at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

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