AS Roma and Napoli played round 20 of Serie A in the 2022-23 season at Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy at 4:45 am (Korean time) on the 30th. The result was a 2-1 victory for the home team, Napoli. Napoli sprinted to 1st place with 53 points. It is 13 points behind second place Inter Milan (40 points).

Napoli opened the scoring in the 17th minute. Victor Osimen splits the Roma net with a sensational shot. Roma started the second half with Stefan El Sharawi. Yal Sharawi equalized in the 20th minute of the second half.

Napoli also had a replacement surgery. In the 31st minute of the second half, substitute Giovanni Simeone scored the winning goal in the 10th minute to lead Napoli to a 2-1 victory. Napoli celebrated their victory by winning all two matches against Roma this season.

Roma head coach Mourinho said in an interview with ‘DAZN’ after the defeat against Napoli, “We had the upper hand in the early stages of the first half. However, it was unfair as he was dragged away for about 10 to 15 minutes after Osimen scored a goal. Leaving this aside, we pressed from the high ground and got the ball away. The defense was also good.” 먹튀검증

“As I said at the press conference yesterday, I am confident that Napoli will win Serie A this season. Naples is like a shining star at critical moments. Having won eight league titles, I know that. In a crisis situation, you can win only when the stars shine. The star of the championship this season is Napoli,” he said.

Napoli defender Kim Min-jae also mentioned it. Coach Mourinho said, “Napoli has built two strong central defenders, Kim Min-jae and Rahmani. In particular, Kim Min-jae is a fantastic player. He has the ability to neutralize the opposing striker,” he praised and left the field.

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