Jed Spence (22) is said to have rejected an offer that included a full transfer option. It is an ‘unusual’ choice considering that he had a hard time being thoroughly shunned by manager Antonio Conte (53, Italy) since joining Tottenham Hotspur (England) last summer.

European football transfer market expert reporter Fabrizio Romano said on social network service (SNS) on the 8th (Korean time), “Spence decided to join Stade Rennes (France) on loan because he was confident in his future at Tottenham.” “There was an offer with a transfer option, but it was not considered,” he said. 카지노

In fact, when the winter transfer market opened last month, Spence received ‘love calls’ from Leicester City, Brentford, Southampton, Crystal Palace (above England), and Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), which included a full transfer option in the process. It has been reported that a rental offer has been received. However, he refused to continue to accompany Tottenham, choosing only a short-term loan for six months and wearing a Stade Rennes uniform.

Of course, he has to consider that he only joined Tottenham for six months, but when he recalls that he was a forgotten existence, such as being treated as out of power, it can only be ‘unusual’. In particular, it is a more unexpected choice when you consider that there are many cases where, if you do not get a chance to participate, you feel disappointed and dissatisfied and leave even if it is less than a year.

Spence wore a Tottenham uniform ahead of this season, but he only played 6 games in all competitions, being pushed by Emerson Royal (24) and Matt Doherty (31). He only played 41 minutes even with that. In the midst of this, coach Conte even showed the appearance of drawing a line, saying that he was not the signing he wanted, but was brought in at the club level. In fact, it was six months with only painful trials left.

To make matters worse, Spence’s position has been further reduced due to the new addition of Pedro Poro (23) to the same position. If he returns after leaving the lease, he is likely to be turned away. However, rather, he rejected an offer that included a full transfer option in the will to compete for a week before Tottenham.

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