The spear and shield of Naples showed off their special friendship. 슬롯사이트

Victor Osimen and Kim Min-jae lead the overwhelming lead of Napoli. These two players are indispensable players for Napoli right now.

First, Osimen is the top scorer in Serie A this season with 18 goals. Osimen with fast speed and bouncy physical is currently recording 7 consecutive goals in the league. He is also famous for having the right personality and is loved by fans.

Minjae Kim, who was newly recruited ahead of this season, is also receiving a lot of love from Napoli fans. It was unbelievable that he was a freshman, so he showed quick adaptability and quickly became the starting lineup for Napoli.

On the 18th, the two players who started side by side against Sassuolo and led a 2-0 victory showed off a special friendship.

After the match, Kim Min-jae uploaded a post congratulating himself on his victory on his SNS. In response, Osimen posted an affectionate comment with a heart saying, “My wall.”

Kim Min-jae also expressed his affection for Osimen by presenting a heart with an emoticon.

The two players showed extraordinary friendship outside the stadium. It looks like he’s smiling happily.

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