It’s close, so it’s easy to move. This also means that ‘call-up’ is not difficult. Samsung’s spring camp is like that. There has already been a case of coming up from the Futures to the first team. Rookie Kim Jae-sang (19) is the main character. As he goes on, his plate can get bigger.

Samsung is currently holding a camp in Okinawa. The 1st team trains at Akama Stadium in Onna Village, and the Futures trains at Ishikawa Stadium. It is literally ‘close’. When it rained in the Ishikawa area, the Futures team moved to Akama Stadium for training.

Before departure, manager Park Jin-man said, “The 1st team and Futures go together. I don’t get a report, but I can check it myself. If you have a good player, you can join the 1st team. Players will also be motivated. There will be a competitive landscape for the team,” he said. 안전놀이터

It actually happened. On the 7th, Kim Jae-sang was called to the first team camp. He is a rookie in 2023. He is famous as the son of 2000 Sydney Olympics wrestling gold medalist Kim In-seop, coach of the Samsung Life Insurance wrestling team. He grew up as a Samsung fan and is also a “successful nerd” who joined Samsung.

After the call-up, Kim Jae-sang said through the club’s channel, “I heard the news the day before yesterday. It was so good. He had a strong desire to exercise with his brothers as soon as possible. The brothers are really good at it. I was worried a lot, but I think I’ll be able to adapt faster than I thought. I was very nervous, but also excited. I will work hard and show a good performance in the first team as soon as possible.”

There is no additional call-up until the 8th. Not too much time has passed since camp started. But there is still one month left. Any player movement is possible. Because Futures can’t just raise players indefinitely, there may be players who go down from the first team. From the point of view of the first-team players, this is a part that could be of great concern.

It is also a point that the player called for the first time is a rookie. It means that opportunities have opened up for other rookies as well. Pitchers such as 1st rounder Lee Ho-seong, 2nd rounder Park Kwon-hu and 3rd rounder Seo Hyun-won can also throw balls at the 1st team camp.

Since last year, when he was acting coach, Park has consistently emphasized nurturing and competition. Veterans have some calculations. A synergistic effect is sought by adding a newcomer and a younger car. Of course, he could have called Kim Jae-sang simply to watch. But it is clear that the opportunity has arrived.

The outside FA didn’t even look at it. Although the trade variable still remains, it should be said that there was no change that could dramatically increase the team’s power. Only internal reinforcement remained. The call-up of Kim Jae-sang could be a kind of signal. Tensions are rising.

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