As soon as the second half of extra time began, it was unusual for defender Lee Woong-hee to step up to the front to play the role of striker, but I really didn’t know that he would be the unbelievable theater goal protagonist. . Defender Lee Woong-hee scored a goal with a 180-degree scissor kick followed by chest trapping, which is difficult for most goalscorers to achieve. It gave the 3,640 Gangwon FC fans who came to the stands on Wednesday evening an unforgettable first win of the season.

Gangwon FC, led by coach Choi Yong-soo, won the 2023 K League 1 FC Seoul home game against FC Seoul at 7:00 pm on the 26th (Wednesday) at Chuncheon Songam Sports Town by a 3-2 Pele score and enjoyed the excitement of the season’s first victory after a lot of hard work. .

Yang Hyeon-Jun’s assist and Lee Woong-Hee’s winning goal

played 8 games before the start of the game, and along with Suwon Bluewings (2 draws, 7 losses), the lowest ranked team with 4 draws and 4 losses, Gangwon FC did not yet have a winning record in the regular season. It was true that the away team FC Seoul was a strong team that had risen to third place, so the dream of winning a game seemed fuzzy this time around too.

So, without thinking about the second half, the Gangwon FC players rallied more tightly together. The moment when that resolution finally shines has arrived. Gangwon FC’s proud wing striker Yang Hyeon-Jun’s amazing counterattack dribble continued along the left sideline. As if imitating the long-distance sprint of Korean national ace Son Heung-min, Yang Hyeon-joon also quickly drove the ball about 70 meters. FC Seoul’s three defenders tried to block him, but they couldn’t match Yang Hyun-jun’s speed. Right in the middle, Yang Hyeon-Jun’s half-beat assist pass passed, and Park Sang-Hyeok, who believed in him and jumped in, fired an inside shot with his right foot. This happened in 24 minutes and 1 second.

After the first half ended 1-0, Gangwon FC scored a lucky (?) additional goal as soon as the second half started. 19 seconds after the start of the second half, Jeong Seung-yong’s left-footed diagonal shot rolled in. Although the shot speed was never fast, FC Seoul goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom fell to the left and tried to catch it, but the ball spilled through his armpit.

The momentum of Gangwon FC, which scored the first multi-point of the season, seemed to pierce the sky of Chuncheon. However, FC Seoul was not a team to back down. He made good use of two corner kick set-piece opportunities and caught up with him. At 52 minutes and 15 seconds, Im Sang-hyup, who received a left-footed pass from Kim Joo-sung, succeeded in a sensational right-footed outside jump volley with his back to the goal. rolled the ball

I thought Gangwon FC’s first win of the season would blow away like a bubble like this. In the 80th minute, it looked like FC Seoul’s double sided hotpot was about to explode. The counterattack dribble, which started from substitute Han Seung-gyu, continued to ‘Willian-Na Sang-ho-Palosevich’ and seemed to shake the Gangwon FC goal, but the ball that was wrongly hit by Palosevich’s right foot, which could be said to be a weak foot, went off to the right. 스포츠토토

The god of soccer finally smiled at Gangwon FC, which barely escaped this crisis. After 3 minutes of extra time in the second half, the miracle Pele scored the winning goal in 48 seconds. Gallego, who was driving the ball from the left flank, kicked the ball with his right foot early, hit the opposing defender’s body, and defender Lee Woong-hee set the ball afloat with chest trapping and succeeded in a stunning right-footed turning scissor kick.

Gangwon FC Yang Hyeon-jun’s long-range counterattack dribble and assist pass, and FC Seoul Im Sang-hyeop’s sensuous outside volley were enough moments in the big game, but Lee Woong-hee’s scissor kick theater goal presented an unforgettable moment to Gangwon FC fans. FC Seoul was Lee Woong-hee’s former team (recording 94 games and 2 assists), so it was a moment of mixed emotions.

After that, I thought more dramatic goals would be scored. In the 3rd minute of extra time in the second half, when another FC Seoul corner kick set-piece opportunity followed, Willian’s header shot hit the crossbar, and Palosevich’s left-footed half-volley goal immediately went in, but referee Chae Sang-hyeop’s whistle blew long. He pointed out Kim Jin-ya’s catching foul. FC Seoul players protested vehemently, but they could not deny the foul moment the referee saw up close.

11th place Gangwon FC, who have caught up with 10th place Incheon United by 2 points with their first win of this precious season, will go to Jeonjuseong on the 29th (Sat) at 4:30 pm to meet 9th place Jeonbuk Hyundai. FC Seoul, which fell one notch to 4th place, will visit Castle Park at 2:00 pm on the same day to meet Suwon FC in 6th place.

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