Choi Jeong-jeong became the first Korean female knight to reach the GS Caltex final.

Choi Jeong-jeong defeated Park Jin-sol 9th dan in 225 moves in the semifinals of the 28th GS Caltex Bae professional tournament at the Go TV Studio in Kiwon, Korea, on Saturday.

This is the first time in 22 years that a Korean female knight has reached the finals of a domestic tournament, and the first time since Luina Yiwei, 9th dan, won the 44th Noodles in 2001.

Choi advanced to the final of the tournament, where she will face Byun Sang-il for the title.

After the quarterfinals, Choi said, “The changes I reviewed in the morning came out and worked well from the beginning,” adding, “I’m even happier to be playing my first domestic final at GS Caltex.”

“Byun Sang-il is definitely a strong opponent in the final, but I have more experience in big matches,” he said, adding, “I don’t have the confidence to lose to anyone in combat go, and I think it’s a match worth playing 메이저도메인.”

If Choi is able to reach the top of the GS Caltex board, she will be the first female knight to win an all-round title in 23 years.

The fifth leg of the GS Caltex Barge Finals, which is expected to crown the first female winner, will start the first leg on March 23.

The prize money for the GS Caltex Vae is 70 million won, and the runner-up prize is 30 million won.

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