“Why did Darvish get a guaranteed contract until the age of 42?”

The Japanese media are also surprised by the fact that the San Diego Padres signed Yu Darvish to a six-year, $108 million contract extension.

San Diego gave Darvish, who even left the word that he would retire at the end of this contract, not a short-term extension, but a huge contract valid for six years until the age of 42. The two sides agreed to an extension of the contract on the 10th (Korean time), and held a press conference on the 11th to announce the contract.

At a press conference, Darvish said, “Honestly, I never thought of a six-year contract. Even if I received a good offer, I never thought it would be this far. The most important thing was to stabilize the educational environment for my children and the living environment for my family, rather than money. That’s my It was the first priority, and in that sense, it is very meaningful to be able to continue playing baseball in San Diego for 6 years.”

Darvish was also surprised by the contract, and the Japanese media was also surprised. You can also tell from the title of Full Count’s article on the 11th. ‘Why did Darvish be guaranteed active service until the age of 42? The rational reason the leader revealed is.’

The media reported that San Diego was impressed with Darvish’s healthy body and academic attitude and gave him a long-term contract. First, President AJ Preller suggested a longer-than-expected contract period for Darvish as if he were looking at it. He is said to have approached Darvish while he was pitching in the bullpen in January and asked if he could “throw another four years.”

President Preller said, “I thought it would be nice to have a talented player like Darvish playing for a long time at our club. Joe Musgrove and Darvish, the players we recently signed extensions, have the players we want.” He also praised, “Darvish has always been at the center of the topic in Japan and has lived up to people’s expectations. He is one of the most talented players.” 먹튀검증

Darvish concluded his declaration of ‘Lifetime San Diego’, saying, “I think it is important to play baseball properly like last year as we have done so far.”

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