Master-wook, who started participating in the Korea League following the Open Division this year, achieved his first win. The story was also dramatic.

Master-wook won 20-18 after a close match in the Korean League men’s final of the 2nd Inje Tournament of the ‘KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023’ against Skyfall Inje held at the Inje Riding Center in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do on the 14th.

Master-wook, who has been reigning as a strong player in the open division, has also participated in the Korea League since this year, and achieved a thrilling first victory in the second competition. On the other hand, the strongest player in the Korea League, Park Min-soo’s 2-point shot, continued to pursue the chase, but after the first competition, he stayed in the runner-up again. 카지노사이트

Master-wook Choi Joo-young (Korea Gas Corporation) was excluded just before the opening of the tournament to adjust his condition. Jung Sung-jo joined on behalf of Choi Joo-young, and there was a change in power, but this became a ‘God’s move’ to Master-wook. Jeong Seong-jo led the team to victory by scoring 9 points in the final. In addition to making three successful 2-pointers, at the end of the game, Seong-soo Yoon scored under the goal with a sensuous tap pass after an offensive rebound.

Master-wook Seong-wook took the opportunity to finish the game by winning two free throws in the process of attempting a 2-point shot by Jung Sung-jo just before the end of the game, leading 19-18. 3×3 lasts 10 minutes, but if a team reaches 21 points, the game ends regardless of the time remaining.

Master-wook Jeong Seong-jo succeeded in the first ball, but the second pitch turned away from the rim and failed to conclude the game directly. The last attack was also handed over to Inje. However, at the end of the game, Kim Min-seop’s 2-point shot, aiming for extra time, missed the rim and won dramatically.

Jeong Seong-jo was also selected as the MVP. There was no room for disagreement. Jeong Seong-jo said, “I was very proud to show a disappointing appearance in the first competition. He said, “The center (Choi Joo-young), who was originally supposed to run, was missing and the height was lowered, but I worked with the mindset to run one more step together, and I got a good result.”

Jeong Seong-jo continued, “It was decided on the 9th that I would run instead, and I only trained for one day on the 12th. On the first day of the tournament, he had a bad shooting feeling, but thanks to his older brothers who continued to create shooting chances, he seemed to be able to recover his shooting feeling in the final. So he was able to be selected as the MVP.”

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