Huego, an esports business agency, suspended its acquisition of the Vietnamese gaming team Saigon Buffalo.

Hugo announced on social media on the 9th that it had decided not to proceed with the Saigon Buffalo acquisition project any further. Huego took over Saigon Buffalo on November 30 last year, but the job was suspended after two months.

After the acquisition, Hugo, who signed a three-year contract renewal with all the main players, including mid laner ‘Progi’ Bui Hai Minh and jungler ‘Binjay’ Tran Van Chinh, said, “For two months after the acquisition, the entire team renewed contracts, appointed Korean coaches, paid salaries and gaming houses, etc. “However, a problem occurred during the acquisition process. Hugo judged that this had dealt a serious blow internally and externally in promoting the business. After discussions with Saigon Buffalo, we have decided not to proceed with the acquisition process any further.”

Saigon Buffalo also said on social media that the acquisition of Huego was not completed for an unexpected reason and that it would participate as the ‘Saigon Buffalo’ in the next season. 카지노

Hugo said, “We have completed the takeover of the coaching staff and players we discovered so that the players and staff can continue their activities without any problems, and we will continue to give unstinting support to the players.”

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