Huego, an esports business agency that announced a new challenge by acquiring Saigon Buffalo, a VCS affiliate in Vietnam, withdrew its acquisition of Saigon Buffalo.

On the 9th, Huego officially announced that it had decided to discontinue the acquisition project through official social network channels. 메이저놀이터

According to the announcement, after signing the contract on November 29 last year, Huego handled various tasks such as re-signing all players, appointing Korean coaches, paying salaries and investing in various facilities such as gaming houses, and signing partnerships with Korean e-sports. said to have occurred.

He continued, “We judged that this issue had suffered a serious blow internally and externally in promoting the business.” “After discussions with Saigon Buffalo, we have decided not to proceed with the acquisition process any further.”

Regarding follow-up measures, he introduced, “We have completed the takeover of the coaching staff and players that we personally discovered so that the players and staff can continue their activities without problems.” send,” he added.

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