The Cody Gagpo is not doing its job at all.

As soon as the winter transfer window opened, Liverpool surprised football fans. This is because they have recruited each player who was connected to Manchester United. Gakpo will wear a Liverpool uniform until the 2027-28 season. 스포츠토토

Liverpool invested 42 million euros (approximately 56.9 billion won) in the recruitment of Gakpo. From Liverpool’s point of view, the maximum amount they could spend in the winter was invested in each bag. The British ‘Talk Sports’ reported that “Liverpool spent all of its January transfer budget on the recruitment of Cody Gakpo. Therefore, Wolverhampton’s midfielder Ruben Neves will be missed.”

That’s why it was so important for the gakpo to succeed. This is because Liverpool has completely disappeared as a candidate for the championship, which they showed from the first half of the season to last season. Mohamed Salah hasn’t performed as well as last season and the much-anticipated Darwin Núñez is not scoring.

So it was Liverpool who expected each cannon to explode, but the score of each cannon has not exploded yet. In response, the UK’s ‘The Sun’ analyzed how poor the performance of the gakpo was.

Gakpo has played 497 minutes in 3 league matches and 3 FA Cup matches so far, but has not been able to create a single attack point. When the striker fails to score a goal in six games, of course, the team’s performance is bound to fall. In the 6 games played by Gakpo, Liverpool recorded a disastrous record of 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses.

It’s not that my colleagues couldn’t support each other. In six games, Gakpo fired 13 shots. However, there were only 5 effective shots. Gakpo is given a lot of freedom while playing as a striker, but the number of times he created chances for his teammates is only 2 times.

With Gakpo brought in, Liverpool could not attempt to sign the midfielder that fans so requested. In many ways, the choices that have brought each gun to the present have become God’s “evil” number.

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