Cheongju KB Stars ‘Treasure’ Park Ji-soo (25) is steadily preparing for a 100% physical condition. The team is also taking great care of it. Filling in missing muscles is the key, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. He’s getting better though. Park Ji-soo, who has recovered his physical strength, can shake up his league game.

Park Ji-soo stopped all sports last year due to symptoms of panic disorder. He was selected for the national team, but withdrew himself, and KB also decided to give Park Ji-soo enough time. Park Ji-soo, who recovered his body and mind, rejoined the team on November 30 last year.

Later, on December 17, he stepped on the court for the first time in a match against Hana One Q. After that, he played 4 games until the match against Shinhan Bank on December 25th. In particular, in the match against Shinhan Bank, he roamed the court for 36 minutes and 55 seconds, scoring 30 points and 8 rebounds. ‘Park Ji-soo is back,’ he said. He showed a definite presence at the bottom of the goal.

The All-Star break has arrived, and Park Ji-soo’s physical condition recovery has become KB’s biggest task. Taking a break from his workouts, he lost 4 to 5 kg of muscle. It is not easy to know if it is simply a weight loss, but it is not easy to lose muscle. Park Ji-soo and KB are also making every effort. He needs careful management.

KB coach Kim Wan-soo said, “(Park) Ji-soo is currently participating in all training. he’s still wary He does it when he does it, and when he wants it to be bad, he takes it out right away. In fact, the muscles don’t stick well. I should gain weight, but I didn’t gain weight. I keep feeding and taking care of meat, but it doesn’t stick well,” he said.

He is an athlete whose destiny is to manage his weight. Most athletes struggle to lose weight. Park Ji-soo is the exact opposite now. A situation where you need to increase muscle and gain weight. When he returned, he said he was in high school.

Still, he’s definitely getting better. Director Kim said, “Jisoo is also better than when he first came back. After all, basketball is not something Jisoo can play alone. Wouldn’t that be with the players? have to match Including Kang Iseul, all injured players returned. It will keep getting better,” he explained.

Park Ji-soo averaged 13.3 points, 4.8 rebounds and 0.3 assists in 4 games. Over his last two seasons, he dominated the league averaging 21.2 points, 14.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists. We still need more time to get to this level. Still, Park Ji-soo is Park Ji-soo. His body is coming up. The second half of KB can also be completely different. 바카라

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