On the 4th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ was played between Nongshim and T1.

In Nongshim that day, Geun-Woo Park of “Healthy”, Seung-bok Lee of “Sylvie”, Hyeon-Seo Ahn of “Fiesta”, In-Sung “Vital” Ha, and Yoon-Soo “Peter” Jeong came out as starters. Lee Min-hyeong from “Kumayushi” and Ryu Min-seok from “Keria” appeared. 먹튀검증

In the third set, T1 chose the blue camp and Nongshim chose the red camp. T1 picked Jace, Vi, Azir, Lucian, and Nami. Nongshim chose Sion, Ohgong, Silas, Jerry, and Yumi.

The early lane battle was tight. The accident occurred at the timing of the first flame dragon. T1 quickly killed the dragon and ate Nongshim who had been fighting. The mood quickly shifted towards T1.

T1 increased the number of additional kills and widened the gold gap with this one engagement. Nongshim could not close the gap, and T1 quickly began to demolish the tower. T1 up to 3 dragon stacks. Nongshim chose to break through the tower to recover the situation and acquired a large amount of gold.

T1 took the Baron to solidify their victory. T1, wearing Baron, did not stop their advance. Destroyed the bot inhibitor and killed the Earth Dragon Spirit. In the 27th minute, Nongshim couldn’t stand it and called inish, but T1 properly blocked it and launched an ace.

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