Kiwoom decided to promote the signing and trade of free agent Jeong Chan-heon at the level of victory. From the time the free agent market opened, I was not interested in signing a contract with Jeong Chan-heon. He has been on the sidelines without even thinking about signing and trading. However, when the 33-year-old right-hander didn’t get any attention from the market, he took a breather.

Jeong Chan-heon’s side responded that he was grateful to Kiwoom, but in fact, it should be seen that Kiwoom had some burden on the player’s life in the professional end as it is. Jeong Chan-heon received thorough care after back surgery in his LG days, but he is no longer a pitcher with health issues. He’s not even that old yet.

It’s a race against time. The 1st and 2nd team spring camp rosters of 10 clubs have already been confirmed. Jeong Chan-heon, agent Brion Company Park Hee-jin, said, “Now, if there is a club that thinks of Chan-heon’s need, we will actively negotiate. It will be difficult to immediately follow the first-team camp (of the contracting club), but I think it would be better to decide as soon as possible. That way, I think I will be able to feel comfortable whether I go to camp for the 2nd group or go to personal training.”

Team leader Park Hee-jin contacted most of the clubs immediately after receiving a call from Kiwoom on signing and trading cooperation on the 25th. The pitching video of Jeong Chan-heon during personal training in Seoul was also shown. Jeong Chan-heon is currently healthy, and he does not want a specific position. As long as he has a contract, he’s in shape to join camp right away.

I received answers from 3-4 clubs that they would ‘review’ the recruitment of Jeong Chan-heon. In the first place, there were many prospects that there would be clubs that wanted Jeong Chan-heon if it was a signing and trade, not a B-grade reward. Park Hee-jin, team leader, said, “I think we have to wait and see if we will be contacted before going to the camp, or if we will go through February with a bit more wits. The team must be decided so that the players can prepare for sure.”

The 26th, when the sign & trade was decided, was Jeong Chan-heon’s birthday. It is rumored that Jung Chan-heon has a lot of thoughts these days while doing personal training. What is clear is that there are clubs that know the value of Jeong Chan-heon, and the prospect that he is unlikely to remain a lost FA is dominant.

An official from a club said to team leader Park Hee-jin, “If it’s a coach, I want to bring him in right away.” To that extent, Jeong Chan-heon is a senior who has had a good influence on young pitchers as a dugout leader since his days at LG. The year and a half he spent at Kiwoom was like that too. Young pitchers followed Chan-Heon Jeong well. He is a pitcher who can integrate well with any team and can play in any position.

Park Hee-jin, team leader, said, “There may be differences in conditions, but I want to sign a contract with a club that offers an offer first rather than being greedy for that part.” First of all, the plan is to coordinate the position between the club and Kiwoom, where the proposal comes, to bring about a signing & trade as soon as possible. As Kiwoom has already decided to sign and trade, it seems that it will accept it under certain conditions.

먹튀검증 When teams play spring camps in February and exhibition games in March, there are many cases where things don’t go as planned. A pitcher who was thought of as a core force may suddenly emerge, or as the team’s goal is revised, more pitchers may be needed. There is a good chance that the savior of February will appear to Jeong Chan-heon.

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