Wiggins is back.

The Golden State Warriors lost 123-126 against the Sacramento Kings in Game 1 of the 1st round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Sacramento Golden 1 Center on the 16th (Korean time).

Golden State suffered a disappointing defeat at the end of a close game. The away nightmare that came out in the regular season continued until the first leg of the first round. However, since the series is just getting started, there is a good chance that Golden State will turn the game around in the remaining games.

Golden State had positive elements amidst the defeat. The successful return of Andrew Wiggins (17 points) after a long hiatus can be a great boost when thinking about the future.

After leaving in mid-February due to family problems, Wiggins, who was uncertain when he would return, joined the team in early April and improved his condition to return to the playoffs. Although he did not accompany the team, Wiggins was maintaining a certain level of physical condition through his regular workouts.

Wiggins, whose last game was against Washington on February 14, played in the game that day and made a comeback after a hiatus of two months. Manager Steve Kerr used him as a bench member rather than a starter to ease his burden.

Although there were many worried eyes due to the long hiatus, Wiggins performed impressively in his return match. Wiggins, who played 28 minutes, did his part, recording 17 points, 3 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. Wiggins, who showed off his fierce scoring sense from the first quarter, showed his presence by scoring 12 points in the first half alone.

However, the real sense of the game did not come up perfectly, as he tried eight 3-pointers and only succeeded in one. In the fourth quarter, there was no score, and even the 3-point shot at the end of the game, which was aimed at a comeback, missed the rim.

Golden State players, including coach Steve Kerr, applauded Wiggins before returning. They praised Wiggins for playing well despite returning from a long hiatus.

“It’s great to have Andrew Wiggins back,” Kerr said. That’s expected. Wiggins was fantastic today,” he smiled.

Klay Thompson also praised Wiggins, saying, “I’m really proud of Wiggins. The basketball player who plays in the NBA game has been absent for nearly two to three months, and the performance he showed tonight was very impressive.” 메이저놀이터

Stephen Curry also praised Wiggins highly. Curry, who overcame a foot injury last season and started the playoffs as a bench unit, sympathized with Wiggins, who was going through a similar process, and left a message of encouragement.

“(Coming off the bench after a hiatus from a starter) is difficult for me to deal with my feelings because I have the anxiety of wanting to get back on the court,” Curry said. I know what the intensity is like. I’m sure today has helped him. Hopefully he can pick up some momentum from it and turn it into more energy for the second leg.”

“Wiggins is a big part of all of our play. When we go into the season, we want to be as full as possible because that’s how all the pieces of the team fit together. I tried to do it,” he added.

Wiggins played a role in defending the opponent’s main scorer in the playoffs last season, contributing to the team’s final victory. Wiggins added a lot of strength not only in defense, but also in attack and air supremacy. It is Golden State that can overcome the disappointment in the regular season and run a smooth playoff race only when his performance is supported.

Golden State, who suffered a defeat in Game 1, will play Game 2 at the same place on the 18th. Can Wiggins walk off the field smiling with victory in Game 2?

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