It was a series of close-quarters battles until the very end. KT’s roller coaster mercilessly shook the first team, T1, as if ridiculing experts’ expectations, but T1 had the last laugh. After a great game, T1 overcame KT’s pursuit and advanced to the winner’s bracket in the 3rd round of the playoffs.

T1 won 3-2 after a full set match against ‘2023 LOL Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as LCK)’ spring KT in the second round of the playoffs held at the LCK Arena in Jongno Lol Park, Seoul on the afternoon of the 25th, and the ticket to advance to the winners match in the third round of the playoffs. grabbed the 스포츠토토

Sang-hyeok “Faker” Sang-hyeok turned the game around with his superstar-like carry at the moment of crisis in the final 5th set.

The start was good with T1. T1 showed overwhelming performance from the first set and easily took the lead. It was a perfect baseline suppression that did not give up even a single turret.

However, KT succeeded in counterattacking with Ki-in Kim in the second set. Bo-seong Kwak’s TF and Ki-in Kim’s Jax worked hard in each teamfight phase, turning the game 1-1. T1 intercepted the Baron buff twice in a row, showing the might of the Baron Thieves, but allowed a tie as they collapsed under Gein’s rampaging street lamp during the battle with the Elder Dragon.

T1 took a 2-1 lead again with a flawless performance in the third set, but KT did not back down. KT, who gained an early advantage with the Jax-Tpe card, which was the winning card in the second set, succeeded in balancing the set score once again as ‘Aiming’ Ha-ram Kim, who had grown into a monster, called Menggun with Jerry.

The highlight of this match was the last 5 sets, as expected of a great match. Unlike the previous sets, which flowed in a one-sided structure, the 5th set was literally a series of melee. Early on, KT took the initiative and seemed to drive a wedge, but T1 overturned the trend of falling behind by nearly 6,000 gold by making super plays in succession. T1, who had been beaten in the early stages, won a series of teamfight victories, overturning the global gold through the Baron buff and taking the initiative.

KT also persistently caught up and threatened T1. When ‘Curz’, who was trying to block Baron, collapsed, T1 had another chance. ‘Kiin’ made a bet with the back door, but T1 blocked it and put an end to the close match.

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