“We still have to play KIA.”

There are still seven games to go against the Kia Tigers. What will be the fate of the KT Wiz?

KT swept the SSG Landers in Incheon on Wednesday, led by starter Wes Benjamin’s eight-inning, one-hit shutout. The two-game sweep was successful, but there’s still a tough schedule ahead.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol called this week’s schedule the “first game. After the game against SSG on the 12th, KT packed up and headed to Changwon. It’s a very tight schedule, with one game against the NC Dinos in Changwon, then traveling to Daegu for a game against the Samsung Lions, followed by three games in Daejeon, including a doubleheader against the Hanwha Eagles after a day off. “The travel distance is better because it’s up from Changwon,” he said, but with a tight schedule, a different opponent every day, and a tough batting lineup, the outcome will depend on the performance of the tired pitchers.

The standings are very tight. KT has climbed from last place to second, but rather than trying to catch the first-place LG Twins, it’s more realistic to plan for a “minimum of two shooters” defense. The game has changed as the quietly scary NC and the nuclear-powered KIA have joined the race for the top spot. 소닉카지노

The problem for KT is that they have seven games left against KIA. They are currently playing the remaining games of their schedule, and there have been many rain cancellations, especially against KIA. In the first week of the season, all three games against KIA were canceled due to rain, and three more games were postponed due to rain. Including one unorganized game, the team had to play seven games against KIA.

KT has been particularly weak against KIA this season. Even when KIA’s batting lineup wasn’t balanced, KT was the only team they faced. In the previous nine games, KT was 2-7 against KIA. Of course, there’s luck involved, but you can’t ignore the head-to-head record from season to season and team to team. That’s why KT is dreading the remaining seven games against KIA.

On the contrary, it’s their best chance. They have seven games left against a team they are confident in facing, and if they can close the gap quickly, it will be a different story. The best-case scenario KIA can dream of is to even take second place.

That’s why KT is nervous. Coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I think we’ll have to play KIA anyway. Where we go in the standings will also depend on the outcome of the KIA game. The seven games against KIA and the five games against Hanwha are important.” “We want to widen the gap as much as possible in the head-to-head match against KIA, and we don’t want the opponent to make a game of it. In the past, it used to be said that it would take a month to catch up after three games, but nowadays it seems like it only takes a week. The power has been leveled. If the season starts now, I don’t know who will finish first,” he said, adding that he remains vigilant.

KT and KIA will face off in four games, including a three-game series in Gwangju from April 22-24 and a doubleheader in Suwon from April 3-5. Now it’s really down to the wire. The outcome of their matchup could shake up the second through fifth place standings.

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