It is like a final where teams who are hard to distinguish are superior to each other. Seoul SK took the lead, but Anyang KGC counterattacked in the second game, and the match went back to square one. It is not an exaggeration to say that the real sword fight will start from now on.

▶ Seoul SK (36-18, 3rd) vs Anyang KGC (37-17, 1st)

April 29th (Sat) 2pm, Jamsil Student Gymnasium / SPOTV / SPOTV ON
-1 win, 1 loss, Game 3 Probability of winning team winning 66.7% (8/12)

  • Will KGC’s odds work one more time?
    -Warney, will you regain your ‘Jamsil Wonhee’ aspect?

Regular League Match Result: 3 Wins 3 Loses Tie
1R: KGC 88-75 SK
2R: KGC 90-84 SK
3R: SK 82-81 KGC
4R: KGC 83-80 SK
5R: SK 85-79 KGC
6R: SK 74- 73 KGC

Final Head-to-head Match
1st Game: SK 77-69 KGC
2nd Game: KGC 81-67 SK

The 2nd Game was a victory for the KGC strategy. It was effective to entrust Moon Seong-gon to defend against Kim Seon-hyung, who could not control himself in the first game. Kim Seon-hyeong only scored 10 points, attempting 7 field goals. Kim Seon-hyung averaged 13.7 shots and scored 16.1 points in seven playoff games before the second game. 메이저사이트

Moon Seong-gon blocked Kim Seon-hyung’s main breakthrough route, the right side, and played a one-on-one defense, and KGC also focused on shield management. Except for exceptional cases such as injuries to ease the physical burden, when Kim Seon-hyung was replaced, Seong-gon Moon was mostly called to the bench.

Even though they lost, SK also found a solution to KGC’s odds in the second half. Choi Seong-won was placed in the left corner, aiming for a chance derived from Kim Seon-hyung. Kim Seon-hyung did not attempt a shot in the third quarter, but recorded 6 assists, and Choi Seong-won’s 9 points (3 3-point shots) were all scored by Kim Sun-hyung’s assist.

KGC, which is aiming for series advantage, needs another tidying up in defense. Although he overcame the sluggishness in the first game and scored 18 points in the second game, Lens Abando has as clear a disadvantage as its advantages. In order to prevent SK from chasing like in the 3rd quarter of the 2nd game, depending on the situation, increasing the utilization of Park Ji-hoon and Jung Jun-won can be a way to improve the completeness of the defense.

KGC changed the matchup against Kim Seon-hyeong, and SK sought a breakthrough. The fight for the numbers of the benches of both teams is expected to become more intense in the third game.

Whether Jameel Warney can regain his firepower is also a key question. Warney digested 29 minutes and 12 seconds in the second game, but only scored 9 points and had a field goal rate of 23.5% (4/17). He had a nervous reaction off the bench in the fourth quarter after he was replaced by Leon Williams. Game 2, the 16th game of his career, was the first time Warney had scored in single digits in the playoffs. His previous minimum record was 17 points in the second leg of the championship match last season.

Warney scored single-digit points 17 times in 196 regular season games. Among them, he scored only 5 single-digit goals, the most against KGC, but most of the explosive power returned in the game immediately after scoring a single-digit score. He led the team’s offense with 20 or more points six times. His two consecutive games scored in single digits only twice.

Warney is the core of the ‘molppang basketball’ that SK put forward in the playoffs. His role in the team is bound to be greater than that of Omari Spellman, who has a relatively large number of colleagues who will support him. Will Warney be able to wash away the humiliation of the minimum score for the playoffs and regain the aspect of ‘Jamsil Won-hee’?

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