Opposition to the Korea Football Association’s pardon for match-fixing players is spreading.

The Korea Football Association held a board of directors meeting in the conference room of the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th and decided to pardon 100 former and incumbent players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined for various misconduct. Among those eligible for pardon were 48 players, including Choi Seong-guk, Kwon Jip, and Yeom Dong-gyun, who were expelled for participating in match-fixing in professional football in 2011.

The Korea Football Association said, “We congratulate ourselves on advancing to the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar, which we achieved last year, and pardon for harmony and a new start in the football world.” 메이저사이트

However, there are voices criticizing the amnesty measures for match-fixing participants who shake the foundation of sports. It seems that the Korea Sports Council will not immediately acknowledge the decision to pardon the Korea Football Association. According to an official from the Sports Association, it is known that “amnesty is impossible because there is no regulation to delete disciplinary records.”

It is said that there is no plan for an amnesty in the Korea Professional Football Federation. An official from the federation said, “We did not pardon. It can be seen that the decision to amnesty by the Football Association is comprehensively effective and the disciplinary action of the professional federation is invalid, but it is not clear and it is a matter that needs to be considered legally.”

It is known that the Korea Football Association did not discuss with the Korea Sports Association, a higher-level organization, and the Professional Football Federation, which suffered damage from the match-fixing incident, while pursuing this pardon.

Moreover, if they bought the advance to the round of 16 of the World Cup, anger over what they raised as a reason is pouring out. Announcing the amnesty just an hour before the friendly with Uruguay is also being sarcastic as a ‘trick’.

On the 29th, the national football team cheering squad Red Devils issued a statement urging the withdrawal of the amnesty through social media (SNS). The Red Devils said, “We strongly oppose the amnesty of 100 misconduct actors, including 48 match-fixers, which were suddenly decided by the Korea Football Association, and demand a complete withdrawal.” It was Korean football, but on March 28, the association’s leadership under Chairman Chung Mong-gyu committed an act that destroyed everyone’s efforts for 12 years overnight,” he criticized the association. In addition, he warned that “why do you use the World Cup round of 16 festival as an indulgence for criminals?”

Soccer commentator Kim Hwan also appeared on a radio broadcast on the 30th and criticized, “The K-League was devastated by match fixing in 2011, and it gave a huge shock to the fans.” Then, he said, “At that time, the president of the Professional Football Federation was President Mong-gyu Chung.” did.

Rep. Ha Tae-gyeong of People’s Power said on Facebook, “It is a very bad precedent. If you don’t get caught, the formula of pardon if you endure for 10 years even if you get caught,” he said. “I will thoroughly investigate (the truth) and disclose it to the people.”

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