The Los Angeles Lakers could pick up a player with a team option.

“According to Dan Walker of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers could pick up Malik Beasley (guard, 193 cm, 85 kg).

Beasley’s status could change in the offseason. That’s because his salary for the upcoming 2023-2024 season is categorized as a team option. The Lakers will have to decide if they want to fulfill his contract before his stay is finalized.

Given his overall underperformance this season, it was expected that the Lakers would choose to part ways. If they sit him, he’s due a whopping $16.52 million next season. He came to the Lakers from the Utah Jazz in a trade during the season and was initially thought to help the Lakers’ backcourt. He was a steady contributor in the regular season, but was pushed out of the main lineup in the playoffs. 스포츠토토

Naturally, it was assumed that he wouldn’t stay. However, this time around, the possibility of the Lakers holding onto him has been discussed. Not specifically to keep him, but because he’s not worthless as a trade piece. By sending him to a team that needs to clear salary cap space, they can acquire other assets. They could trade him and get multiple second-round picks or another player in return.

If the Lakers want to use him as a non-trade piece, expect them to sign him to a smaller deal after they part ways, rather than exercising his option and holding onto him. In other words, they will first see if there is a team that needs him. If he thinks he’ll be traded, he’ll exercise his option. If a trade is unlikely, he’ll part ways and see if he can sign later.

He was sent to Utah last summer when Rudy Gobert (Minnesota) was traded. He then came over to the Lakers this season. He started 81 games for Utah and the Lakers this season. He averaged 12.7 points (.395 .357 .769), 3.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in 25.8 minutes per game. With the Lakers, he averaged 11.1 points, 3.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 23.9 minutes in 26 games.

Meanwhile, Mobamba is unlikely to be retained. They traded for Patrick Beverley (Chicago) last season and it didn’t work out. Forced to let go of Thomas Bryant (Denver) during the season when he requested a trade, the Lakers used Beverley to bring him in to build up the interior. However, injuries kept him out of the lineup and limited his immediate impact.

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