The Gyeonggi Yeoju FC U-15 team takes the first step toward becoming a prestigious team through a reorganized leader.

Yeoju FC U-15 is a Yeoju FC affiliated team led by new head coach Cho Han-soo and coach Jeon Tae-eun.

In addition, with the support of the Yeoju City Football Association and the Yeoju City Sports Association, the financial burden of parents is alleviated by supporting players’ winter training expenses, competition participation expenses, and training supplies.

Coach Han-soo Cho told MHN Sports on the 10th, “I don’t think it’s important when you start playing football when it comes to nurturing players.” 토스카지노

Next, Coach Jeon Tae-eun said, “I will teach children to grow rather than results.”

In addition, Yeoju FC U-15 uses Yeoju Gangcheon Sports Park as an exclusive training ground, providing a space where children can concentrate on training without external influence in a quiet and pleasant space.

In particular, it will be shown for the first time in the 2023 M-RESPECT National Secondary Soccer Weekend League, which will be held from the 15th.

Coach Han-soo Cho expressed his aspirations, saying, “I will focus on the team rebuilding trend and aim for a prize in the national competition within three years.”

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