Lotte has yet to abandon Yun Seong-bin (24). I put my last hope and joined the 1st team spring camp.

The internal assessment is that it is still too early to give up and the talent is too wasteful.

Bae Young-soo, Lotte’s new pitching coach, also showed his belief, saying, “I’m trying to watch Yun Seong-bin without prejudice.”

Yoon Seong-bin had the worst season last year.

He never came up to the 1st team and only performed poorly in the 2nd team. Even the 2nd Army did not catch his chronic hunting for the first ball. 먹튀검증

Yoon Seong-bin threw 20.1 innings in 16 games in the second group last year, recording 2 losses without a win and an average ERA of 9.74.

He struck out 16 while pitching 20.1 innings, but his pitching was so poor that he also gave up 17 pitches.

He seemed to shine for a while at the end of the second team season, but in the final match, he was shown to be broken again.

The leaders who have taught him so far have mainly worked on controlling his mind. He threw a very good ball in the bullpen, but he showed a shaky appearance only when he climbed the mound.

He only focused on dealing with a kind of ‘bird breast’. It used to be evaluated that he had the talent to level the first team if only his heart was captured.

Coach Bae Young-soo decided to take a different approach. It was judged that Yun Seong-bin was not yet technically complete. This is the reason why he said, “I will watch Yun Seong-bin without prejudice.”

Coach Bae is a coach who has a variety of ways to control pitchers. He does not have only one training method, but has customized training skills for each pitcher.

Coach Bae’s judgment is that Seongbin Yoon will have an appropriate training method. He believes that he can get rid of the problematic technique through customized training.

Coach Bae said, “It’s not something to just say ‘bird breasts’. There must be a reason why Yoon Sung-bin has not been able to do so far. He is trying to find the answer in various pitching drills,” he said. “In the bullpen, he is a pitcher who throws a really amazing ball. It has the power to make all coaches greedy. He is a pitcher who throws a very powerful ball. He’s a pitcher who can really do big things, if he can get through on the first-team mound. He is a player who can really do great things if he has confidence in his ball and his control is done as he wants. I’m trying to get rid of the prejudice that ‘Yun Seong-bin can’t do it’. He plans to evaluate and teach with the same standards as other pitchers. When equipped with his confidence, he is a pitcher who can throw a ball more powerfully than anyone else. He is greedy as a coach,” he said.

Players who are marked as ‘bird breasts’ by the leaders find it very difficult to find a way out. If he gets a little crooked, it’s enough to blame ‘weak heart’. This is the reason why it is difficult for players who are pictured with ‘bird breasts’ to find a way to live.

Coach Bae Young-soo said he would look at Sung-bin Yoon, free from prejudices that would obscure his view. He is determined to find a way to fill the lack of control with technical supplements.

He is an opportunity for Sungbin Yoon. He met a leader who looked at him without prejudice called ‘bird breasts’. That’s why you can expect more from him.

Lotte has not yet abandoned Yoon Sung-bin. And the coach in charge declared that he would look at him as he is.

It remains to be seen if this synergistic effect will exert its power and elevate Yun Seong-bin’s ball from the bullpen to the first-team mound.

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