‘Wuji’ Zhenzhihao returns to EDG as bottom laner. 먹튀검증

On Tuesday afternoon, Edward Gaming (EDG), one of the Chinese LPL teams, announced on their official social media that one of the LPL’s biggest stars, Jianzhi “Wuji” Zhang, has officially rejoined the organization. Wuji is returning to the professional scene after a one-year hiatus.

Wuji, who made his debut with Star Horn Royal Club in 2012 and went on to become one of Royal Never Give Up’s (RNG) signature stars through OMG and Newby, unexpectedly announced his retirement in June 2020. He then returned to the professional scene with Billabilly Gaming (BLG) after the 2021 season, but ended his contract with the team after only half a year.

Rumors began to swirl around Wuji’s non-retirement sabbatical, with speculation that he would fill the vacancy left by “Liv” Huhongqiao shortly after the LPL opened. Even before the official announcement, there were many signs, such as EDG’s owner uploading a video of Yumi riding her signature champion Bane, and players following her on social media.

The one-time RNG star’s move to join rival team EDG has been met with great excitement in China. This reunites Wuji with Tianye “Meiko” Tian as a bottom duo, having played together at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

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