Brilliant May can be a season of trials for some. Professional volleyball men’s and women’s teams, which seized resources with bold bets in the free agent (FA) market and selected players in the first Asian quarter draft, now have only foreign player tryouts left. As the men’s division starts on the 6th and the women’s division progresses from the 11th, some will dream of winning, but others will have to pack their bags. This is because of the limitations of the ‘salary cap’.

In the women’s division, IBK Industrial Bank registered and appointed a total of four setters last season. KGC Ginseng Corporation, which also had 4 members, and the women’s division were called the ‘setter rich club’. However, through the Asia Quarter, ‘cleanup’ became inevitable as Ponpun Gedpard of the Thai national team joined.

Phonpun has nothing to say about ‘immediate sense of power’ as long as he overcomes the physical problems of adapting to the V-League and the schedule of his national team. No matter how much head coach Kim Ho-cheol is a setter, it is unreasonable for a team to have 5 setters. Therefore, IBK Industrial Bank can match trade cards with teams that want to reinforce setters in the future, and may release one or two players according to plans for the next season 메이저사이트.

Pepper Savings Bank, where Park Jung-ah, who led Korea Expressway Corporation to win the championship, changed his uniform, and the outside heater position in charge of attacking and defending the left side is ‘oversaturated’. In the first place, Pepper ended last season due to injuries to Ji Min-kyung and Park Eun-seo, who were the main players. However, the situation changed rapidly when Park Jung-ah and the defensive type Chae Seon-ah, who supported him, intervened. If the departed resources come back healthy, Pepper will have 7 outside heaters.

The men’s OK Financial Group suffered from a famine of setters just before last season, but now the number has increased. Through a trade just before last season, KEPCO took on brass work, but Lee Min-gyu, who left due to an injury, returned in the second half of last season. Kang Jung-min, who applied for the National Army Sports Unit (Sangmu) but was rejected, also had to play one more season with his team. If Kwon Jun-hyeong, who suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon during a practice game, returns, there will be five setters, including “backup” Kwak Young-woo.

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