The female players who will compete for the throne of the Australian Open, the first tennis major tournament of the 2023 season final on the 28th, have been decided. They have similar physiques and the fact that they use fierce serves is also the same. The main characters are Kazakhstan’s Elena Rivakina (24, 25th in the world) and Belarus’ Arina Savalenka (25th, 5th).

Livakina defeated Victoria Azarenka (34, Belarus, 24th) in the semifinals of the tournament held in Melbourne, Australia on the 26th after 1 hour and 41 minutes with a set score of 2-0 (7-6 <7-4> 6-3). Pressed. This is Riva Kinna’s first time reaching the Australian Open final.

Rivakina defeated Azarenka on the day, using her strong serve with a high RBI score of 189 km/h, which comes from her tall height (184 cm), as her main weapon. She took the lead with a huge lead on serve aces (9-3), and showed sophistication in minimizing double faults (3-6), missing two serves in a row. He also committed fewer errors in her (21-27) and led her game, including her dominance in the number of successful offenses in the winner (30-26).

In her second set in particular, Rivakina had the upper hand in a stamina fight, overpowering Azarenka, who looked exhausted. Azarenka collapsed in her second set, committing 4 double faults (one by Rivakina) and 14 errors (5).

With this, Rivakina made a sensation by defeating three major tournament winners at the Australian Open and reached the final. In the round of 16, he won the French Open twice (2020, 2022) and the US Open once (2022), defeating Sibion ​​Tech (22, Poland, 1st place), followed by the 2017 French Open champion in the quarterfinals. She defeated Yelena Ostapenko (26th, Latvia, 17th). In the semifinals, she overtook Azarenka, who had won the championship twice (2012, 2013).

Livakina, who tasted the top of her first major tournament at Wimbledon last year, is officially a Kazakh nationality, but is from Moscow, Russia. Having enjoyed gymnastics and ice skating as a child, he took up a racket at the age of six at the urging of his father, as he was too tall for these sports. As a junior, he showed growth, such as advancing to the semifinals of the 2017 Australian Open and French Open Junior Division, but the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) stopped supporting him, believing that his chances of winning major tournaments were not high.

Rivakina, who had to live on tour without a coach due to poor family circumstances, eventually accepted the offer of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, which promised enormous support in 2018 when she turned 19, and wore the Kazakhstan flag. Since then, he has represented Kazakhstan in international competitions.

“I am really happy to be able to play one more time here,” said Rivakina after the match. “Winning at Wimbledon last year was a great experience.” “My parents have been with me since the first game,” he said, “and I want to do my best in the final.”

In the women’s singles semifinals that followed, Sabalenka defeated Poland’s Magda Linenette (31st, 45th) 2-0 (7-6<7-1> 6-2) after an hour and 33 minutes of confrontation, similarly advancing to the final. settled down

Savalenka also boasts a strong serve with a maximum speed of 187 km/h, emanating from her large height (182 cm), and put in 6 of her serve aces. He had more of her errors (25-16), but dominated in the winners (33-9) with powerful strokes, forcing Lynette to stick out her tongue.

Savalenka’s momentum is hot. In particular, he is regarded as her next-generation star to succeed Azarenka, who is also from Belarus. Sabalenka won the first round of the Adelaide International on her first women’s professional tennis (WTA) tour of the year, held as a prelude to the Australian Open, without losing a set and winning in four matches. She continues her no-set streak in her six matches at the Australian Open this time as well.

It was Sabalenka’s first time reaching the finals of her major event. Sabalenka swallowed regret three times on the threshold of her final, kneeling in both the 2021 Wimbledon and US Open and last year’s US Open semifinals. She finally made it to her first major final. 메이저놀이터

Rivakina and Savalenka face off on the 28th for the Australian Open trophy. In the historical record, Sabalenka has the upper hand. Sabalenka won all three matches with a set score of 2-1.

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