Justin Gaethje has become the UFC’s second “big man.

In the main event of UFC 291: Poirier vs. Gaethje 2, the UFC’s No. 3-ranked lightweight BMF title bout at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Nov. 30, UFC No. 2 Dustin Poirier knocked out No. 1 Dustin Poirier with a right high kick at 1:01 of the second round 먹튀검증.

BMF is a slang term for the toughest man alive, or “sangnam” in Korean. The UFC holds BMF title fights to determine the toughest man among tough fighters.

With the win, Keiichi became the second BMF champion, joining Jorge Masvidal in 2019.

After suffering a fourth-round stoppage TKO loss to Poirier in 2018, Keiichi became desperate after the back-to-back losses and completely changed his style.

Before that, he was a brawler who would charge forward, throwing leg kicks and punches, but now he’s a smart fighter who throws a light jab and uses his footwork to catch his opponent off guard.

This fight was a perfect demonstration of this transformation. Instead of trading blows with Poirier in close quarters, he used Poirier’s offense to his advantage and landed counter punches.

He also avoided the front inside leg kick that led to his TKO loss in the first round and instead targeted Poirier’s legs from a safe distance.

Finally, in the first minute of the second round, he faked a right straight punch that caught Poirier completely off guard and knocked him out with a head kick.

Speaking about avenging his first round loss, Gaethje said, “In MMA, unlike other sports, you don’t get a chance to get revenge. That’s why it means a lot to come back and prove myself. I’ve always believed in myself,” he said.

“I want to prove that I’m the best in the world, and I’m going to give it my all, win or lose. Luck is a big part of this sport, but I’m willing to roll the dice,” he added, expressing hope for a lightweight title shot.

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