Park Myung-geun, a 19-year-old rookie for the Korean baseball league leader LG, has been making a splash as a temporary closer.

Despite his short stature, he is emerging as a strong Rookie of the Year candidate with his powerful delivery.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reported.


Here’s a video of Park Myung-geun and Moon Sung-joo measuring their height, which has been popular recently.

[“Hyung, your legs are coming!”]

[“I think Myung-geun’s shoulders are higher.”]

[“Sungjoo’s legs are a little longer.”] [“I think I’m taller.”]

[“I’m taller.”]

[“(Sung Joo Hyung) is taller by this much.”]

More than 15,000 fans “liked” Park Myung Geun and Moon Sung Joo, making their names known.

[Park Myung-geun/LG: “I was wearing regular sneakers, and Sung Joo-hyung was wearing spiked shoes, so there was probably not a big difference in (height), but it was close.”]

He may not be a big baseball player, standing in the low 170s, but rookie Park Myung-geun is the heart of the LG bullpen.

He has one win, four holds, and four saves this season.

Especially in May, he filled the void left by Ko Woo-seok with a 0.90 ERA.

He has a powerful snake fastball that tops out at 150 kilometers per minute, which is higher than his classmates Kim Seo-hyun and Shim Jun-seok.

So much so that last year’s Asian Games technical committee chairman Yeom Kyung-yup recommended Park Myung-geun for the national team instead of Kim Seo-hyun.

[Park Myung-geun/LG: “He looked at me well then and told me about the Asian Games, and I feel honored to meet him as a coach like this.”]

When asked to choose between the rookie king, Taekwondo Mark, and LG’s endgame king, Park Myung-geun gave a clear answer… 메이저사이트

[Park Myung-geun/LG: “I can play Taegeuk Mark and LG’s closer in the future, so if you ask me to choose just one, I’ll choose Rookie King.”]

At the age of 19, he’s already being called the “second Go Woo-seok” and he’s marching toward the day when he’ll be a small but big giant.

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