The final days of the regular season were a series of upsets, and there wasn’t a game that didn’t have a twist. It was a literal upset. OKBryon pulled off the upset of a lifetime to close out the Summer Split. Genji had to hang his head in shame as OKBryon got the better of him.

OK Brion won the second round of the LOL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer 2023 on Friday afternoon at Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, 2-0, with Kim “Charis” Hong-jo and Uhm “Mumty” Sung-hyun leading the way.

With the win, OK Brion snapped a three-game losing streak and improved to 5-13 (-15 goals against) on the season, ending the regular season on a high note. Genji, on the other hand, clinched second place in the regular season standings with an 0-2 loss, regardless of the outcome of KT’s remaining games. With a 16-2 record and a +25 goal differential, they earned the No. 2 seed in the second round of the playoffs 토토사이트.

Even with their season out confirmed, OK Brion made an unexpected move to take the first set. Hong-jo “Charis” Kim took on Jung-hoon “Chobi” Jeong, who showed an equalized laning composition to bring the original Kingslayer Brion back down to earth. Rolling a snowball with all of his heralds, OKBryon took the initiative by stopping Genji’s dragon hunt.

After winning the dragon battle in a one-hit wonder, OK Brion comfortably took the lead at 28-minutes, cleaning up Genji’s nexus.

OKBryon’s upset show continued in game two. Playing Lilya Jungle and Wondil Cogmora, OKBryon took the early lead with a top intervention from ‘Umty’ that worked in their favor. In the mid, Kim Hong-jo picked up two kills to shift the upper body initiative in their favor. With the upper body composition broken, Genji began to lose to OK Brion in the hantas. ‘Mumty’ Sung-hyun drove a wedge in the game with a quadruple kill into the Lilya jungle.

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