The clutch ability to hit one shot at the right moment is essential for professional players.

Because it can change your life in an instant.

KT Wiz’s infielder Kang Min-seong (23) made a splash. He showed the spiciness of a pro to Shin Young-woo, a rookie in the first round that the NC Dinos are proud of.

On the 1st (Korean time), in a practice game against the NC Dinos held at Keno Veterans Memorial Stadium in Tucson, Arizona, USA, Kang Min-seong started as the 7th-first baseman and recorded 1 hit and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats. Those two RBIs played a decisive role in the team’s victory. 카지노

Kang Min-seong, who had stepped down with a fly in center field against NC starter Jeong Gu-beom in his first at-bat at the end of the second inning, was given a chance at the bottom of the fourth inning. NC rookie Shin Young-woo, who had blocked the 3rd inning well with a tripartite offense, was in trouble, and KT took advantage of this time to take advantage of Oh Yoon-seok’s push-off walk to take the lead. In the opportunity to safely load the bases, Kang Min-seong picked the first pitch and hit the second pitch hard to create 2 RBIs and a left-handed hit.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Kang Min-seong, who was unfortunately struck out with 2 outs and 2nd base, was out with a grounder in front of the 3rd baseman in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Kang Min-seong ranked first in home runs in the Southern League with 12 home runs in the Futures League in 2020. After that, he enlisted in the military and served as a sniper. After being discharged in October of last year, he received finishing training steadily and participated in this spring camp to strengthen his skills. It is a resource that KT coach Lee Kang-cheol is watching with great interest, saying, “It has a good swing and has power.”

During the practice match against the WBC national team, he was called up to the national team to play. Kang Min-seong said, “When I was selected for the national team, the timing was a bit late for the fastball. Today, I paid attention to the timing while dealing with a pitcher who throws a fast ball, and an RBI came out.” I really want to meet the fans in Suwon.”

Will Kang Min-seong, who has no first-team experience, be given a first-team opportunity this season? The possibilities are wide open.

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