The word that suits professional golfer Lee Se-hee (26) is ‘drama’. No matter how many times you fall, you have the power to get up again.

Lee Se-hee, who joined the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) in 2017, missed the regular (Part 1) tour ticket, which she got by mistake in writing down the score incorrectly in the final match of the 2019 Dream (Part 2) tour, but climbed to 4th place in the prize money list in 2020 The first part of the 2021 season has entered the tour.

But his joy was short-lived. He only made the ‘Top 10’ once in 25 competitions in the 2021 season, but went down to the Dream Tour in the 2022 season again due to poor performance. He thought about quitting golf due to another setback, but he held on to his heart and returned to his place (part 1 tour) for the 2023 season.

Lee Se-hee, who returned to the regular tour after two years, met with the Hankook Ilbo before leaving for training in the United States and said, “I didn’t really want to play golf when I went down to the second tour.” I was worried about finding out the way,” he confessed.

When I got tired of pro activities that were not easily solved, it was Pro Park Chang-joon who became my reliance. Lee Se-hee said, “I met a pro for the first time in a mentally broken state, and he said, ‘Isn’t going abroad the same as running away? I received psychological help through counseling with you,” he expressed his gratitude.

It was because of my strong desire to compete that I went down after a year from the first part of my dream tour. Lee Se-hee looked back and said, “When he played the first part tour in 2021, he was unhappy with his performance, so trying to do better became poison.” “Since I was on the second part tour the following year, I felt that the first part tour was played in a really good environment,” he said. I felt grateful when I went on the first part tour, and my desire to maintain the tour seed for a long time grew.” As I played the 2022 season dream tour with a much lighter mind, the results of the regular tour ticket for the 2023 season, including the first dream tour championship, followed. 메이저놀이터

Lee Se-hee’s psychological studies do not know how to stop. Even now, I can’t let go of the book ‘Bob Rotella’s Short Game Psychology’ recommended by an acquaintance. Lee Se-hee said, “The situations that I felt alone during the game are so vividly described in the book that I am reading them to the point of sweating on my hands and feet.” Specifically, it states that ‘good results come out only when people do what they have always done unconsciously’. He said, “It is said that it is most ideal to concentrate about 40% when working, but I did it at 80-90%.”

The reason Lee Se-hee cares so much about the psychological part is because she has an innate ‘exercise DNA’. He believes that as much as his athletic ability is excellent, he only needs to control the non-competitive factors well. Lee Se-hee, the second of five siblings in a taekwondo family,’s father is Lee Seon-jang, a gold medalist at the 1985 World Championships, a professor at the Department of Taekwondo at Keimyung University, and her mother is Park Young-sook, a former athlete who served as a Taekwondo instructor at the Korea Military Academy. Lee Se-hee said, “From a young age, he had good physical condition and athletic ability. He is grateful to his parents for passing on a good body,” he laughed. His parents emphasized steady body care to his daughter, saying, ‘Even if you don’t practice golf, you should continue exercising.’

Lee Se-hee, who learned how to put the burden off his shoulders, also eased his mindset to prepare for the 2023 season. He said, “I will be able to face the new season better prepared than in 2021, which was the rookie season,” and “I look forward to a stable start.” At the same time, he added, “I want to spend a season focusing on myself rather than caring about my surroundings as I came back after two years.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have dreams of winning. Lee Se-hee said, “Indians hold a ritual for rain until it rains. If you pray until you win like the ‘Indian Rain Festival’, won’t a good day come? To this end, he is intensively supplementing short games and putting during the training camp in the US. He, who received attention early on for his distinct features and outstanding appearance, repeatedly remembered his tenacious mindset for the new season, saying, “Because I am an athlete, I have a great desire to show myself sexually.”

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