The San Diego Padres batting line, which showed a frustrating appearance again, coach Bob Melvin, revealed his belief in the revival of the batting line.

In an interview on the 22nd (Korean time) after a 0-9 away loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, “These players are here for a reason. They will survive,” he said, revealing his faith in the other line.

On this day, the San Diego batters hit only two hits and were dragged by Arizona pitchers including opponent starter Zack Gallen. Ha-seong Kim also went 0-for-2 in 2 at-bats, but it was more serious that the center batting line, from No. 1 Fernando Tatis Jr. to No. 4 Zander Bogarts, only had 2 hits in 13 at-bats.

First of all, it must be admitted that opposing starter Jack Gallen threw well. Melvin also said, “I used a lot of off-speed pitches and the curve was good. He also threw a cutter on his fastball. He had 2 hits and 11 strikeouts in 7 innings, which means he took his game,” he praised the opponent’s selection.

It is difficult to use praise for an opposing pitcher as an excuse. It is an undeniable fact that San Diego’s lineup falls short of expectations.

Melvin, who is well aware of this, said, “The offense wasn’t good. It is certain that the giant guns have not yet heated up,” he said of the sluggishness of the batting line. “Our team-centered batting line is showing an unusual appearance. I can’t lead the rest of the players. They will eventually heat up, but it’s taking longer than expected.”

Among them, Juan Soto, who has a batting average of 0.176, is one of the concerns. Melvin said, “Usually, if you hit well, you hit the ball to the left center, but if you don’t swing properly, you hit a lot of balls. That’s what’s happening right now,” he said, diagnosing Soto’s sluggishness.

When asked if he wanted a more active swing from Soto, he said, “Looking at the ball a lot is part of his game. We don’t want him to get out of his style and overswing on balls out of the zone.” 메이저놀이터

“We are preparing the same every day. Analyze opposing pitchers and suggest approaches to hitters. Everyone knows the approach and trains in the batting cage. We need to keep what we’re doing,” he said, and there shouldn’t be any wavering from the ready position.

What the manager can do is change the lineup and find different combinations. “Tomorrow one of our players will have a break. He will show a slightly different batting line,” he predicted that there would be a change in the lineup.

San Diego’s starter Seth Lugo pitched 6 innings and allowed 2 runs, continuing the flow of the game, but Luis Garcia, who took the mound in the 8th inning, allowed a lot of runs and collapsed. The first batter, Kettel Marte, was hit in the leg by a batted ball, which became poison.

Melvin said, “At first I thought it was hit on the side of his thigh, but then he hit his left calf. It seems that the pitching continued to have an effect. It will be fine.”

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