You can now cheer without wearing a mask on the basketball court.

KBL said on the 27th, “According to the Corona 19 government quarantine policy, professional basketball spectators will wear indoor masks as a recommendation from the Goyang Carrot-Seoul Samsung match on the 30th.”

Due to the spread of Corona 19, spectators entering all indoor sports venues have been required to wear indoor masks since October 2020.

Since September of last year, the outdoor mask duty was completely lifted, so it was not necessary to wear a mask at outdoor sports venues such as baseball fields and soccer fields, but it has continued to be applied to indoor sports.

However, as the government eased the obligation to wear indoor masks from the 30th, it is now possible for indoor sports spectators to cheer without wearing masks.

Meanwhile, professional volleyball takes off the mask from the 31st game. 스포츠토토

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