KT was the first choice for Han Hee-won (30, 194 cm).

Suwon KT announced the re-signing of free agent Han Hee-won on April 18. The contract is for two years with an annualized salary of 275 million won (245 million won in salary and 30 million won in incentives). Han, who was traded to KT during the 2018-2019 season, will continue his career with Suwon for two more years.

In a phone conversation with us, Han Hee-won said, “I’m very happy to have signed a good deal. There were many clubs that offered me better terms, but Choi Hyun-joon, Oh Kyung-jin, and head coach Song Young-jin showed their sincerity. I re-signed because KT has a good history and I want to win a championship. KT was my priority from the beginning,” he said.

Han Hee-won received a lot of attention in the free agency market. In addition to KT, Wonju DB, Seoul Samsung, and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis were also interested in him, but he chose KT. This was due to the new head coach, Song Young-jin, who took over this season 토토사이트.

“Honestly, I had no idea that I would receive so much attention. I felt really good, and I was worried. After working with him for a season as a coach and player, I learned a lot. If I played a lot in a defensive role, he encouraged me to play offense as well. I felt that I could improve as I learned.” Han Hee-won says.

In the offseason, KT made a major change to its lineup. Yang Hong-seok, who was a one-two punch with Heo Hoon, left for Changwon LG and was replaced by one of the best defenders in the KBL, Moon Sung-gon. Sharing the defensive load with Moon could be a good synergy for Han Hee-won.

“It’s actually the same position for me, so I was worried about it. But it’s true that you have to compete in any team. It’s a shame that (Yang) Hong-seok and (Kim) Min-wook, who I’ve been close with, are leaving. (Moon) Sung-gon is less offensive than Hong-seok, but his defense is the best in the KBL. Last season, I was burdened with defense, but now I have Sung-gon and (Ha) Yoon-ki behind me. I think our defense will be the best among the 10 teams.”

After missing the playoffs last season, KT is looking to redeem itself in the new season. KT’s offseason team training will begin on June 1.

Han Hee-won said, “At the beginning of last season, we played well as we gained confidence. However, as time went on, our physical strength decreased and we were injured and out of shape. I signed a two-year contract because I wanted to be evaluated in two years rather than right now. In two years, I will try to achieve good results with good players at KT.”

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