Tottenham Hotspur appear to have turned down a loan offer for Jed Spence.

The British ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 26th (Korean time), “Tottenham turned down Brentford’s loan offer for Spence because it included a full transfer option. With Pedro Poro expected to join the new team, Tottenham side Spence’s He was allowed to rent for the remainder of the season.” 카지노사이트

Spence, a promising player born in 2000, stood out in the English Championship (second division) last season. Leaving his original team Middlesbrough and living on loan at Nottingham Forest, he scored 2 goals and 4 assists in 42 league appearances. Nottingham succeeded in promotion to the English Premier League (EPL), and Spence also contributed enough.

Tottenham showed interest in this. The right wing-back position has been a problem for Tottenham over the past few years. The expectation that there would be many changes with Spence’s joining was dominant. But the reality was different. Both Emerson Royale and Matt Doherty remained with the team and their positions did not change. So far, Emerson is the main player, and Doherty is playing as a backup.

Spence is virtually pushed out of Antonio Conte’s plan this season. So far, I have digested 4 league games, but there was not a single starter. However, he did not receive a chance in the cup competition. He missed the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) stage and also made only one substitute appearance in the League Cup and FA Cup.

Naturally, the possibility of a transfer during the January transfer market was raised. As Spence is still young, Tottenham also planned to send him out on loan first to gain experience. Spence was also close to signing a prisoner, so he had no reason to stay at Tottenham when he had one more competitor.

According to the ‘Evening Standard’, Brentford actually sent a loan offer to sign Spence. However, Tottenham did not allow this due to the fact that a full transfer option was included. Currently, it is known that not only Brentford but also Southampton, Leicester City and Olympique Lyonnais are keeping an eye on Spence.

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