Pepper Savings Bank, a women’s professional volleyball club, is moving the team’s lodging and training ground to Gwangju, its hometown.

An official from Pezor Savings Bank informed OSEN of the plan to relocate the training ground and accommodation to Gwangju in a phone call on the 17th. An official said, “We have actively reviewed it and it is the final stage of coordination with Gwangju City.”

Founded in 2021, Pepper Savings Bank is currently using Dream Park, a comprehensive training and education facility in Giheung-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, as a training ground and accommodation.

An official said, “When we move to Gwangju, the distance we travel during the season is significantly reduced. Reduce unnecessary movement. Home games are half. The distance traveled during the season will be greatly reduced,” he said.

The club plans to use the Yeomju Gymnasium managed by Gwangju City as a training ground and rent an apartment near the gym to use as accommodation. The club plans to move its accommodation and training ground to Gwangju after the 2022-2023 season.

An official said, “Anyway, there will be more justifications if we move to the hometown. As a regional team, there are many positive aspects, such as maintaining close relationships.” 토토사이트

Pepper Savings Bank, which is in its second season since its establishment, is at the bottom of the seven teams with 1 win and 20 losses (4 points). Head coach Kim Hyung-sil stepped down due to poor performance in the early stages, and coach Lee Kyung-soo is leading the team as acting manager.

Pepper Savings Bank is considering bringing in Oh Ji-young, a national team member, through a trade with GS Caltex during the season to improve the team’s strength.

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