KT, the regular season champions, came out strong and took the game to the wire. 메이저놀이터

In the fourth set of Game 1 of the second round of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Tuesday, KT took an early lead and tied the game at 2-2.

After the upset win, T1 made a change to their banter in the fourth set, giving Zeus an Atrox and Kumiyushi a Samira. T1 then pushed their opponents in the top lane early on and took advantage of an empty bottom lane to take the first dragon, while KT used the turn to take the lead with a Zeus in the top lane, followed by a Keria in the bottom lane for their second kill. After a fierce battle for the herald, KT eventually took the first herald, and the two teams continued to battle for the other’s liner.

T1 took the second dragon, but gave up three kills in the process, and KT’s two ranged champions, Tristana and Varus, began to split kills and build momentum. KT was ready to settle in, opening up a 14-minutes, 4,000+ gold gap when the turret shield disappeared, and they quickly widened the gap with an easy win in the second skirmish for the Herald. However, in the third skirmish for the dragon, T1, who was far behind in gold, lost the dragon but got the kill and received gold like rain in spite of the disadvantage.

The two teams resumed their confrontation in front of the baron and waited for the dragon to appear, and curiously, T1 started the engagement first, but Kiin’s Renekton came to the rescue, taking four kills and securing the dragon. KT then picked off one of their opponents just before the Baron, and eventually managed to pick off T1 again and take the Baron as well, extending the gold gap to 10,000. T1 tried to take advantage of the opportunity by defending in the main lane, but KT took advantage of the situation and destroyed the nexus with an ace, sending the game to the final set.

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