World No. 5 Arina Savalenka of Belarus advances to the semifinals in the women’s singles event at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

In the women’s singles quarterfinal in Melbourne, Australia, Sabalenka defeated world number 64 Donna Bekic of Croatia 2-0 (6-3 6-2).

Sabalenka, who was eliminated in the 4th round in a row in the last 2021 and last year’s competitions, made it to the Australian Open semifinals for the first time.

Sabalenka also continued her upswing by reaching the semifinals of her second major in a row following last year’s US Open. 토토사이트

After Sabalenka, her women’s singles semifinal match at this tournament was completed.

Sabalenka will play the semifinals tomorrow (26th) with Poland’s Magda Linenette, ranked 45th in the world, who defeated Karolina Pliskova of the Czech Republic 2-0 (6-3 7-5).

Head-to-head against Lynette, Sabalenka is on a two-match winning record.

If you win here, you will fight for the championship trophy with the winner of the match Elena Rivakina (25th, Kazakhstan)-Victoria Azaranka (24th, Belarus).

World No. 1 Iga Sibiontech (Poland), who was considered a strong candidate for the championship, was eliminated after being caught by Rivakina in the 4th round, and Sabalenka was the only player in the top 10 in the rankings among the players who made it to the semifinals, so this time The tournament looks like a good opportunity for Sabalenka to win her first major singles title.

Sabalenka continued her streak of 9 consecutive unbeaten sets from the first round of her Australian Open bout, the Adelaide International, to Beckic.

Sabalenka has twice won major doubles titles, the 2019 US Open and the 2021 Australian Open.

Previously, Vekichi had an overwhelming advantage over Sabalenka with 5 wins and 1 loss, but recently, Sabalenka, who improved the accuracy of her main weapon, strong serve and increased her confidence, overpowered Vekichi.

Sabalenka hit the serve at a top speed of 189 km/h and recorded 9 serve aces (4 Vekic).

This is also the first time Lynette, 31, who is six years older than Sabalenka, has reached the semifinals of the Australian Open.

Lynette has never advanced more than 3 rounds in singles at a major tournament, but she is showing good results in this tournament by knocking down the strong players one after another.

She beat 19th place Annette Contaveit (Estonia) in round 2, 18th place Katerina Alexandrova (Russia) in round 3, and 4th place Karoline Garcia (France) in round 4.

Lynette has less power, but is considered to be an intelligent player who can break the rhythm of her opponents and cause mistakes.

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