On November 11, 2020 (Korean time), Yon Ram (Spain), who was ranked 2nd in the world at the time, performed a feat of catching a hole-in-one with a so-called ‘water shot’ in the 16th hole (par 3) of the Masters practice round.

Hole 16 has a long pond from the teeing area to the end of the green. In this place, there is a tradition where players perform fan service with a ‘water shot’. Near the beginning of the pond, hit the ball low with a long iron to float the water and then hit it on green.

Ram fired a ‘water sujebi shot’ with a 5-iron. The ball bounced over the pond three times, went up to the green, and then swung to the left and was sucked into the hole.

21-year-old ‘Young Gun’ Joo-hyung Kim is competing in the Masters for the first time in his life this year.

Joohyung Kim had the honor of playing a practice round in the same group as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Fred Couples.

Kim Joo-hyung also stood side by side with them in the 16th hole and took a ‘water sujebi shot’.

But an odd thing happened. All other players’ balls bounced on the water, but Kim Joo-hyung’s ball flew into the air and flew onto the green. It was Kim Joo-hyung’s ‘miss shot’. 안전놀이터

As a result, golf fans trembled. They responded by saying, “It’s absurd,” “I must have learned a lesson,” and “A child is a child.”

Essentially Sports.com commented, “Kim Joo-hyung seems to be too nervous during the practice round with the big stars.”

Golf journalist Daniel Rappaport recently posted on his Twitter account, “Joo-hyung Kim was so nervous about his first appearance at the Masters that he couldn’t decide whether to buy a green golf bag or a white golf bag from the pro shop. He ended up buying both.”

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